Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Fever

I had the opportunity to give a lesson in a Relief Society it was on the topic of Partaking of Christ Daily. I was at first a little nervous but my creative mind took me on a paper mache adventure. I wanted to compare "Partaking Christ Daily" like eating a feast. In doing so I really wanted a turkey. but you know a real one would be messy, pricey and a little to much to handle. In my little world I had to have a "Turkey". I brain stormed for a long night and came up with a plan. I was so sick last Sunday and board that I put my plan in motion.

After pasting and molding the news paper with a flour paste. I waited the a long time for it to dry then the next day busted out my paint and created painted turkey. Than Smeared Moge Poge all over and then tacked on the wings and legs. It was a blast to see what I could make out of news paper, flour, water, glue and paint. Talk about cheap craft... the only other way I could go cheaper was not to make it at all.

Any who this got me thinking lets try a real Turkey, My dad's style, Smoked. So here I am in Logan with my family learning from the pro. and hopefully I'll be able to duplicate it again for the Ridd's. Here's crossing my figure. Hopefully they will gobble it up...
Well I made the Turkey and it turned out pretty good but my dad's tops it for sure.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our lives in a min.

Life has been a little crazy, from trips to colds to working hard.

Andy is cracking out the books, he is pushing through school. He has History, Library Research, English, & Computer gaming Class.
He is half way through school. I'm so excited for that.

His health is doing good, Still needs O2 but we are glad that we're not in the hospital. That reminds me last year around this time I was up for 2 days trying to take care of Andy when he 1st came home... I'm so glad we have passed that trail.

We are getting back on the plan, Weight Watchers. Vacation took us on a long detour of eating crazy. But it was worth it for the taste bugs but the weight gain not pretty. Anyway I guess that is why there is always a fresh start.

Me I've been in creation mode, I've got crafts everywhere, my mind is swamped with Christmas gift ideas. Then I'm swimming in homemade soup. I keep making soup so far I've made 4 different types of soups this week and 2 more to make. I made an amazing soup today it had pumpkin, yams, cream, spices, and broth, we named it "Fall Delight".

That is about all that has been happening...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 24th Gentry Style

This year we celeabrated the 24th with my family and it was a blast. My dad had to work so we packed all our dolls and dishes and had a winnie roast in the park right next to the city park. Than we watched the fireworks that were being fired off and the fairgrounds. Roasted Marshmallows and made S'mores. What a great night to celeabrate the states birth.

Joyce Fornoff Weston a Beloved Teacher

Joyce Fornoff Weston

Saturday evening, Aug. 7, 2010, Joyce Fornoff Weston finished her wonderful journey in beautiful Cache Valley, where she lived her entire life.
She was born on July 8, 1927, in Ogden, Utah, to Harold Leonard Fornoff and Ruth Pingree Fornoff. Living her youth in Logan, she fell in love with Todd G. Weston. They married Oct. 16, 1946. Their marriage was solemnized in the Logan Utah LDS Temple. Their love and devotion brought to Earth five wonderful children.
Grandma Joyce's life could be described as a life with a fierce loyalty and deep and everlasting love for her husband. She supported him in his business ventures and his political endeavors locally and statewide. She took care of him as he took care of her. Joyce and Todd loved their children and were pleased with their accomplishments and deeply and emotionally involved in the trials that came from time to time. Joyce is known throughout Cache Valley for her love of music and her incredible talent playing the piano - she mastered it. She taught hundreds of students, including students from Utah State University while she was associated there with the Music Department. Many times she expressed her desire to play for anyone at any time. Joyce served faithfully in all she was called to do, serving in particular for many years in the Relief Society including a time as president. She accompanied the ward choir for what seemed like decades. Joyce Weston is one of those people who make you feel like your life is better just by knowing her. Her smile and laughter were contagious. When one thinks back on her life she can truthfully be described with these words: loving, without guile, innocent, desirous to do good, unwilling to do wrong, giving but also appreciative to receive, thrifty and as she would say sometimes Scotch. She could not stand to throw away anything, especially wrapping paper on her presents. Grandma was always happy to see us. Gathering her family at Christmas seemed to be her favorite time during the year, and she could make it seem to last until Valentine's Day. When you went to Grandma's house, you could never eat enough. She always wanted to give more. This was symbolic of her life as she served and lifted many people for many years. Her tired and worn body finally gave up, but her tremendous Spirit and incredible love will never fatigue in the hearts and minds of her family and all those who knew her.
Grandma Joyce was preceded in death by her husband Todd G. Weston, her parents and her little baby sister Carol, who was born on Christmas Eve and died at the age of 4. She leaves her children and their spouses, Bart and Judy Weston, Randy and Debi Weston, Joyce and Greg Oman, Julie and Jim Ridd, and Sam and Judy Weston. Joyce and Todd enjoyed 18 grandchildren from these unions. These grandchildren have given Joyce 24 great-grandchildren, with at least 4 more coming in the near future. Joyce is survived by her brother Louis Fornoff and his wife Shirley.
The family is grateful for all those who have cared for Grandma Joyce these past three years, especially the staff at Legacy House in Logan.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gentry Family 2010

Gentry Family 2010 Pitures.

Grandpa 86th B-day

Grandpa blow out the candles and asked to do it again.
A model A car that Andy's uncle Sam had fixed up and he took Grandpa Gentry on a ride.

Almost the whole dam family as Grandpa would say.
I was up at my mom & dad's house and found the pictures for my Grandpa Gentry's 86th B-day gathering. I just wanted to post some of them on the blog. Happy Late b-day Grandpa Gentry.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cat Vs. Dog Vs. Dog Vs. Boy

Sunday Andy and I came up to Logan to hang out for the weekend. We ended up taking Lucky, he is a Toy Poodle, with us because we are dog tending while Jim and Julie are out traveling.
Cat Vs. Dog
Lucky has been pretty good with the new environment except for when Marvin, my parents really fat cat, decided to come out of hiding. Last night all my family was seating a talking. Lucky was seating on the floor and Marvin sneaked out which made Lucky want to chase the cat. Then came on the boxing gloves Marvin charged Lucky and kept whacking Lucky on the head, mean while Lucky kept yelping and barking. Just so all you animal lovers know Marvin has no claws anymore so no animals were hurt. This went on for a good 2 min. man it was so funny cause Lucky kept challenging Marvin and Marvin would show Lucky who was the boss of this house.
Dog Vs. Dog
Danielle and Steve ended up bring there dog Reggie, he is young pup a Golden Retriever, Of corse with pups they think that everyone is there to play with them. I let Lucky out to go do his bussness and Reggie was so excited to see another dog and kept trying hard to play with Lucky. Poor Lucky he kept running away and Reggie thought that they were playing tag or something and kept chasing Lucky. As you could imaganie Lucky was a cranky old man and Reggie a young kid that kept bugging the old man to play. I could just imagne what they would say.
Lucky, "D*** young buck stop bugging me. Didn't your mother ever teach you to respect your elder."
Reggie, "Come on lets play... Please, Please , Please."
Dog Vs. Boy
Dylon my nephew is a boys boy. He is a outdoor, ruff and tuff kid. Dylon loved having the dogs around. But Reggie and Dylon have a special relationship, almost like brothers. You know the type you punch me I get to punch you back.
Dylon was out side with cousins and Reggie was just running from one kid to the other licking, jumping, and wagging his tail.
Earlier that day I tried to teach Dylon how to throw a stick and have the dogs chase it and bring it back. Dylon thought he would try it with Reggie, Dylon got a stick but Reggie was to fast & was trying to take the stick away from Dylon. Then finally Dylon got the stick back but instead of throwing it he started to hit Reggie with it. Reggie again thinking it was a game started to jump and try to grab the stick. Dylon kept swinging the stick around and Reggie decide to push Dylon over. It was so funny because both of them were smiling and Dylon was laughing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

102.2 pounds

Andy and I still are alive if anyone was wondering. A few things that we have been up to are Weight Watchers, School, Work, Chilling, and Enjoying our Family Events. June we had b-day parties almost every weekend. Early July we spent a wonderful weekend celebrating our Nations Birth and excited for the end of the month because we have more parties and plenty more Celebrations.
One of our celebrations is our amazing goal rinding our self of extra weight. Andy Hit his 50 pounds lost and plus. I'm just a few pounds away. The neat thing about how we are loosing is we are just eating right... NO exercise crazy huh... We are in love with Weight Watchers. They are teaching us how to treat our body as a fueling tank... The cheaper the quality the harder it is to fuel and amount of food you take in the more you have to feed yourself. The better the Fuel like veg's.'s, fruits, lean meats and the right portion size the longer you last and more fat you burn. The best thing is we are not dieting we are just eating what our bodies need. As of Thursday July 8th We weighed in Andy had lost 60.2 pounds , Me 42 pounds. Together equals a total of 102.2 pound lost, that is like the weight of Super Model or a teenager, insane. I must say it feels great to be healthier and lighter.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pin nuts = Bitter Taste Disturbance

How Crazy is this... I've had a horrible bitter taste in the back of my mouth for 3 days now. For the life of me I couldn't figure it out. At first I thought that maybe it was lettuce that went bad and I had eaten it. But the tasted lingered for days no matter what I ate or drank. I got worried thoughts that maybe am I getting sick or some form of a brain disease is messing up with my taste bugs or was I bitten by something.... Every thought came to my mind and of course I got myself worried for no reason at all.
I decided to do some research and see if I really needed to be worried and go to the doctor. As I google I came upon this blog.
The person talked about how pine nuts, if you get a really bad one can cause Taste Disturbance. As I looked back to what we had for dinner a few nights ago Andy had made cous cous and it had pine nuts in it. I was sad to find out that one small pine nut can do that to your taste bugs.... I was raised on these unique nuts. For now on I will not have boxed food with pine nuts. Only the fresh and the best for me...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Years

I can't believe it Andy and I have been married for three years today.... Man time seems to fly. This year seems to have been the longest year out of our three years though. I think it was because of Andy's health. We made it though it and that is what matters.
I love you Andy even through the hard times.... Here's to another 3 + years.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Like new

As we have been moving and getting ready to move the last 2 months I thought that my wedding ring got lost, dropped into nowhere land or stolen. I have searched high and low near and fare, with a sad heart I decided that it was never to be found.
Yesterday night Andy came and picked me up from work and with a big grin on his face said I have something for you. Never did I ever think that it was my wedding ring... but that is not all the little stinker had went and gotten it professionally cleaned. My heart was just a thumping with joy, it was as though he propose to me again. I love you Andy you made my day/week.
Now all I have to do is find a necklace so I can wear it at work with out having to take it off and risk loosing it again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Holy Cow UR 28

Andy turned 28 last Saturday. We celebrated in Park City, boy it was a blast. Friday we enjoyed the condo, Saturday we went to a movie, out to eat at cafe' Rio, then we soaked in the jacuzzi. Sunday we woke up cleaned the condo and went on a 3.1 mile walk in park city. The best part was when Andy tried to blow out his b-day candles.

The first time he tried he totally missed the candles and got out of breath . I love this guy, he is so funny even when he isn't trying to be.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

25 pounds of Butter & Flour

You may be wondering why the title.... Well here it goes.
One of my clients found out that I had been doing weight watchers and flipped a lid when she found out how much Andy and I have lost on our new life change. She told me that I had to go to the store put 25 pounds of butter in my cart and stare at it. Then put the amount Andy has lost as well and try to lift the 54 pounds of butter and cart.
She got me thinking, how much does 25 pounds feel like? of course I had it on my body but seeing it, holding in my hands is a total different ballgame.
Later that night we were at the Ridd's and I told them about the butter story and then Jim disappeared. 5min later he had came back with a 25 pound bag of flour and handed it to me.... I held that thing for no more than 2 min. and could feel my arms start to burn... Crazy I had that on my body.... I can not believe it.
Again I started to think even more and came up with this.... When Andy and I get to our weight goal, I want to make vests that represent the weight we lost, ( so if I lost 100 pounds then the vest would weigh 100 pounds) Taking that X amount pound vest I want to do ether a 5k or a Relay Race or something to remind us of what we where and to show us what have accomplished.
Just for kicks and Giggles I found this picture of 25 pounds of butter on the web

Try it for yourself lift an amount you have lost and you'll be amazed how much you were caring.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


My family has been so encouraging with our new life style. My older sister Shauntell has given me some fun exercise sites, tips on cooking healthier, and setting a new tradition by going on a walk after we eat a family meal. Not only that she works so hard to make her meals healthy for our meal trades. Thank you for your support Shauntell you are a great example.

Then my younger sister Danielle always tries to make sure if we go out to eat the restaurant we go to is healthy not just fats, which help us a lot. She also is so positive and listens to Andy and I talk about points. The biggest thing is she tries out our healthy food, even if it looks questionable.

Hallie is even helping us out by showing how to do a karate kicks and how to dress for a workout. Thanks Chalmers for your support.

My mom is the most encouraging of all, with her sweet comments and uplifting ideas to even cooking low fat meals when we come up to visit.

We are blessed with the best support group ever thank you everyone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BBQ Joes...Icecream Sunday...& Southwestern salad oh my.

We have been experimenting on recipes and we found some winners. Weight Watchers has a cool application in which you type in what you have and it finds a recipe that has those ingredients. Here are some of the recipes that we have enjoyed.

BBQ Joe's
This is like the traditional Sloppy Joe's but with BBQ sauce instead of the the sloppy Joe's sauce. Side with a tasty salad. Making this meal 6 points for the BBQ Joe's and 3 points for the salad totaling a 9 point meal.

Hot Brownie Sunday
This desert was made by Andy with applesauce making it low fat topped with Fat free sugar free Ice cream, & smothered in Sugar free chocolate syrup. Believe it or not it came to in points, brownies 3 points, Ice cream for 1/4 of a cup came to 2 points and Chocolate syrup 0 points. Making this desert total 5 points.

Southwestern Chicken Salad
This salsa salad sided with fat free cornbread was so filling and delish. I add to mine 1/4 of a Avocado, and cherry tomato's... the points came to, chicken salad 5 points for a 1 1/2 cups, serving 2 1/2 inch by 2 inch piece of corn bread is 2 points totalling to a 8 point meal.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sushi & Beyond

I had a annual work party at Family Fun Classic Center in Layton. Last year we had taken sushi for our potluck item and it was a hit for only the ones that were fortunate to get a piece. This year I had so many c0-workers request sushi; the people demanded it, so we delivered.
I guess you can say we made Sushi & beyond. We had made 6-7 rolls, 2 all veggies, 2 just crab meat, 2 everything rolls, and 1 traditional roll.
One roll of our sushi is 5 points (Weight Watchers points) Taste of Sushi in our mouths priceless.
....... guess how much leftovers we came home with...... Zip, Nota, Nothing. That is right the plate was all but licked clean. I it was a hit again.....

P.s. We decided to adopt a baby......
Just kidding.... Isn't she cute... She is my bosses little girl, she was a love bug.

20 lbs to 26.4 lbs

Can't believe it Andy and I are on our way down to smallville.... not the show Smallville but in our clothes size.... Andy has hit the mile marker 26.4 lbs lost as of Thursday the 22nd. For me I've hit 20 lbs... lost. We are so excited and I'm excited for this coming Thursday cause I had a huge Saturday I worked for 7 hours in the yard with 10 mins of rest so here is hoping for a big drop in weight this week. I can't believe we have gone this far.
But crossing my fingers that the rest off the weight comes off as fast.
If it doesn't I'm okay with that as long as I'm losing and not gaining that is all that really matters.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

Andy & I heard about Bountiful Baskets from family and decided to try it out. What it is a company that helps to make the coast of fresh vegg's and fruits a little lower. They drop off the delivery at random drop off points and you bring in your own baskets or container to take the food home. It's a pretty nice set up we spent $28 dollars got 5 loafs bread, 2 bunch's of bananas, 7 apples, 16 red potatoes, bag or carrots, 1 pineapple, a head of Romaine lettuce, black berries, Beet leaves, cherry tomatoes, container of mushrooms, Cantaloupe, & Broccoli.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Mermaid

How funny was this I dyed my hair with my mom on Monday and my hair went brown orange and my mom's we were afraid it went peach color. When my mom's hair was dried it turned out great. My hair on the other hand got quite a funny comment. A lady at work said that I looked like Ariel the Little Mermaid.... I don't see it but maybe you can....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Walk-It Challenge

Today @ Weight Watchers we received a challenge to prepare for a 5k (3.1 mile) walk, jog, or run on June Saturday the 5th.
Andy and I are for sure doing it and wanted to challenge everyone else to do it with us... Just go to this website key words find a 5k near you.

We hope that you'll join us, we are so excited

Here is a training guide too....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Watchers of Time

Well I've had a hard time updating our blog... some exciting news Andy has found a new hobbie it's teaching old people how to use the computers. It's a volinteer job in Magna. The 1st day I went with him to help organize and be a scribe. We were trying to find out what they knew and what needed to be taught. It was so funny cause one of the ladies I swear was going to have a panic attack. She thought that she had to know everything we were talking about and kept repeating her self "I don't know even how to trun on the darn thing on! How do you expect me to know what the heck your talking about."
After much convencing we told her this class was for us to know what to teach. My Hubby sure knows how to make friends with older people. Already he has bubbies and it has only been 3 days that he has taught. I'm very proud of him, I guess the older people see what I see in him a big cheerful heart. Man I love him.
Beside that he has been keeping himself bussy with helping out family and friends by fixing computers, babysitting kids, to preparing classes for his volinteer job.
Me on the other had I'm just up to no good ;o>.... working hard or like my dad says, "Hardly working." With my spare time I've gotten pretty addicted to Cafe World, and having the kitchen cleaned... (I wondering if the cleaning fix is do to the Cafe World game.)
Then I've been going crazy with crafts I've defiantly have the Crafty Virus or something.
All in all that has been our life for the last few weeks...
Ohhhh... can't forget the most important thing Andy and I have been doing Weight Watchers. In a month we have lost total together 28 pounds, Andy 15 almost 16, me 13. I'm pretty happy that we were blessed to have this program Weight Watchers in our life. Thank you to all who are supporting us, we love you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

February Hero

My February hero is my favorite brother Dwayne Russell Gentry. There are many reasons that he is my hero. Of coarse cause he is older and has sat an wonderful example. Manly he has shown me what true selfless service is.
The other day as I was going about my daily activities I remembered a moment in my teens. We had lived in North Logan for a year, I was struggling in school because I was new to the area. Dwayne was very in tune with the spirit or something cause he came up with a fun way to make my blues into service.
One night as I was about asleep he quickly woke me and told me about a Secret Ninja Service, he wanted to start. The point of this Service is to serve others in secret. He thought so much of this that he even made head bands that had SNS. That night we started our secret service, I still remember Dwayne busting out his ninja moves as we did the dishes at 12 am.
That was not his only act of Selfless service he did, he served a LDS mission in Korea then served in the USA Army and now with the greatest service, his own little family. For as long as I've known him he has served those around him with the love of Christ.
Thank you so much Dwayne your example of Christ like service it has blessed me through out my life. You have taught me to reach outward to others, instead of inverting inward. Love you a ton.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

AZ trip

This past week we headed down to warmer weather AZ.
The 1st day we ate at a really awesome restaurant called Farmers Grill. I have to say it was pretty good, the BBQ chicken was to die for. The neat thing about the restaurant they grow there own veggies in the farm behind the restaurant. Talk about fresh food....
Then we went to one of the biggest malls, Arizona Mills. It's so big they have markers everywhere to let you know where you at and they call them towns. After a lap in that mall you can count it for your mile walk.
Then we played at the park with family... It's funny to see the differences in parks in Utah they have green grass, tons of trees and plants, Arizona's trees are sparse more sand or rocks than grass. But hey Dylon loves it a ton... I think that rocks are his favorite toy.
Then Dwayne showed us his school which was pretty neat.
Jeremy with Olivia riding a kids ride.
At the park, the sun was so bright. Andy, Marcha and I posing for a photo.

Dwayne, Marie and Dylon flying a kite.
Malia just being plain cute.
Dylon is showing me how to scare the dinosaurs with my flash light. After we found the Dinosaur with the flash light we had to throw them.... It was quite funny.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Turning 1

Saturday was Malia Ridd's 1st birthday. To celebrate we all gathered together for dinner, cake and entrainment (the kids). Morgan helped Julie make Malia's 1st b-day cake it was a birds nest with pretzels as the twigs, peeps as the birds, candy eggs, all on top of the cake. Morgan was being the best helper to Malia it was cute.


Even Malia got into the games
Look I've got a million tickets
Morgan loving his bowling ball. Carso made a high point.

Malia in love with Andy's drink.

Morgan trying out the riffle.

Carso loving the batman arcade game.

Julie fighting to stay ahead of Andy.

Jim-bo doing his thing.

Andy, Beezer, is so fun to watch bowling he throws the bowling ball down the lane it's funny.

Habbiv striking down those pins

Sweet Malia just happy to be there.

Morgan was so happy to bowl & did an awesome job.

Jess the super bowler Watching Carso carry the bowling ball around was hilarious

Michael with his death spin blowing those pins down.

Wes with his smash attack demolishing the pins.

For our February Ridd family FHE Wes and Jess were in charge and they decided to go to Boondocks in Kaysville. We had a blast I must say. We started the night out with a healthily dose of Bowling. Abbie, Micheal, Wes, Jess & the kids were on one lane. Then Jim, Julie, Andy & I were on the other lane. Jess got the high score out of us all & I got the high sore on our lane. Then Wes, Jess, Abbie & Micheal put 10 dollars on a boondocks card & played the arcade games with the kids. I was funny to step back and watch... the kids were so excited to play but the prizes were their favorite. Morgan got a wind up teeth that chatter, a puzzle, fun stick candy & Carson got a snake, Puzzle, & Dumb dumb. It was a the bomb, way to go Wes & Jess for your amazing planing it was great FHE night. Oh ya we had Fire House Pizza for dinner, I love that place the pasta is the best.

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