Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Turning 1

Saturday was Malia Ridd's 1st birthday. To celebrate we all gathered together for dinner, cake and entrainment (the kids). Morgan helped Julie make Malia's 1st b-day cake it was a birds nest with pretzels as the twigs, peeps as the birds, candy eggs, all on top of the cake. Morgan was being the best helper to Malia it was cute.


Even Malia got into the games
Look I've got a million tickets
Morgan loving his bowling ball. Carso made a high point.

Malia in love with Andy's drink.

Morgan trying out the riffle.

Carso loving the batman arcade game.

Julie fighting to stay ahead of Andy.

Jim-bo doing his thing.

Andy, Beezer, is so fun to watch bowling he throws the bowling ball down the lane it's funny.

Habbiv striking down those pins

Sweet Malia just happy to be there.

Morgan was so happy to bowl & did an awesome job.

Jess the super bowler Watching Carso carry the bowling ball around was hilarious

Michael with his death spin blowing those pins down.

Wes with his smash attack demolishing the pins.

For our February Ridd family FHE Wes and Jess were in charge and they decided to go to Boondocks in Kaysville. We had a blast I must say. We started the night out with a healthily dose of Bowling. Abbie, Micheal, Wes, Jess & the kids were on one lane. Then Jim, Julie, Andy & I were on the other lane. Jess got the high score out of us all & I got the high sore on our lane. Then Wes, Jess, Abbie & Micheal put 10 dollars on a boondocks card & played the arcade games with the kids. I was funny to step back and watch... the kids were so excited to play but the prizes were their favorite. Morgan got a wind up teeth that chatter, a puzzle, fun stick candy & Carson got a snake, Puzzle, & Dumb dumb. It was a the bomb, way to go Wes & Jess for your amazing planing it was great FHE night. Oh ya we had Fire House Pizza for dinner, I love that place the pasta is the best.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


For the strangest reason Andy & I were shopping and this bottle of Kimchi was calling out my name. My brother Dwayne would be proud of me. Cause it is a Korean delicacy, it's fermented cabbage. Any who I went a head and bought it I just wish that Dwayne were here so he could help me to eat it. Andy keeps saying it is stinking up the house. I don't think so...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day

For Valentines this year I made us breakfast, which was Quiche, Coffee cake, dipped strawberries, & fruit smoothie. It was pretty good I have to say.
Thanks Andy for a great few years and hopefully for more to come. Love you my sweet heart.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Super Bowl Ottley Style

Russell and one of his buddies got creative for the Super bowl they made stadium setting... He created a two level stand for the big couches with the love sets on the side and chairs where where ever they fit. It was pretty awesome. Great Job Russell.

Blessed Hallie

This last Sunday Feb, 7th my sweet niece was blessed in Idaho. My mother made her blessing dress and shoes. It was crazy how good Hallie was during the blessing and after wards she was happy to be with who ever held her. Here are some cute pictures of her.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

January's Hero

There is no set pattern to the people I choose . I may select them because they were Born that month but mainly it's because of their example they left for me to follow or the value I needed that month to help me grow.

My choice this month is my Grandfather Ivan Johnson. My grandfather grew up in a large family, found my grandmother by the spirit and together they had 6 children. His life was lived for the gospel and his family. Now that he is in his early 90's all but blind, has a hard time moving around because of age, can't hear much at all, to some they may pity him because of age, or because of his job profession. The world would say he lived a hard life not much accomplished in their eyes.
But for me I see more, I see a Hero, a spiritual giant. He never stops trying his best to provide for his home. He never stops learning how to adapt to the changes in his life. He continues to maintain a garden, attends the temple once a week, pushes a broom around and events contraptions to ease their life. Physically he is a 60 years old , mentally still all there, but spiritually a giant.
As I was thinking the other day about my grandpa a scripture came to mind Mosiah 3:19. The beginning of this verse is a little harsh but the end was a word for word description of my hero. He as shown me how it is to submit to the spirit and become like a child, of God.
He knows what a divine child he is and how much the Lord loves him. If you ask him to bare his testimony you can feel the present of the holy ghost engulf the room. As you watch his tears flow they become a testimony of his love toward our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ.
I'm grateful for his example of gratitude and love for his family and the gospel. I hope one day I too can develop a testimony like his and all shall know my love I have for the gospel too. Thank you Grandpa Johnson I love you.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2010 Resolution

For my 2010 Resolution I want to be more fit, attend the Temple at least 2 times a month, spend more time with my family and find joy in everyday even if it seems like being in outer darkness.
The one that I am really struggling with is changing my life style to be more healthily. I've been kicking and screaming in my head to get myself motivated to be more healthily. I know that all of you have these moments, where you know what you need to do but don't seem to do them.
Well I hope you all have these moments if not I'm in trouble
Finally today I put Wii Fit in and worked out. To my amazement I found out I was 20 lbs. lighter than I thought I was, this piece of info. gave me all the motivation I needed to get the ball rolling. Then by inspiration I've had thoughts that made exercising seem so easy, come to mind.
Also a mother who brainstormed with me on how both of us can eat more healthily came up with a girls dinner swap. Where all of us girls come together 2 times a month and swap healthy prepared meals.

Bean Bohnaza'n

Okay I have to say I'm so sorry to Danny and Tarin. We went over to there house to play some games and they wanted to play Bohnanza... (it's a bean card game) I thought to myself that looks like a dumb game and I sort of try to wing us away from playing it. We did not end up playing Bohnanza which was fine with me.
Then we went and played games Sunday night with some other friends and guess what we ended up playing Bohnanza. Like they say don't judge a book by it's cover, it is really true. Bohnanza it the funnest, card game it's a hybrid game of Pit, and go fish.
I feel so silly not willing to play that game sooner but hopefully I'll be forgiven and remember the lesson I learned don't judge a book/game by it's cover.

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