Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock Will Never Die

Andy and I went to a free concert in Salt Lake on Wed. We loved it, we invited one of our buddies form Texas that lives in Salt Lake City, Eric and we met my good Friend Jamie. We listen to two bands the 1st one was Opal Hill Drive, The Second one was Tantric. Opal Hill Drive was more of the country rock feel to me and Tantric was the new rock, I would compare them to 3 doors down.
I do Have to say the best part was the Crazy homeless guy who entertained us all. He would yell as loud as he could, "ROCK WILL NEVER DIE I MIGHT BUT ROCK WILL NEVER DIE", While he hopped around and danced like a crazy man. It was something we would never forget.

This maybe a bad video of it. You can see his head bob up and down.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go'n' Buggie

Carts that are Mobile are usely for old people that can't get a round. I never thought about the people who may have hurt a ankle or broke a foot.
One of the Sells Rep's fell and broke his foot, he asked us to take him to the store. We did and it was a blast. Brad, his the Sells Rep, and Andy got the Mobile Carts, they raced all around the store it was funny. This is Brad on the Cart.

Well, after that Andy always made sure that he got a Mobile Cart. It was nice sometimes because it would force me to speed up my walking pace. When we went on a hunt for some Hangers to pick our car lock Andy got a Mobile Cart. Lee our Buddie pushed Andy down the alises sometimes because this cart was slow.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out to Hang

Here is another funny story...

We had a long day in a city called Hitto, we were waiting for a install. Andy's phone was about to die so he went to the car and plugged it. We told the office to call my phone for installs. We got a text about 7 p.m. we went to the car.... Come to find out the keys got locked in the car. We gave our install up, found someone to take us to Walmart. We bought some hangers, came back and tryed to pick our car lock. Lee our buddy using his skills opened our car after 20min. It was funny to watch Andy and Lee try to pick our car locks Because it was their first time picking locks.

Lee trying to pick the lock

Andy trying to undo a Hanger

Lee and Andy both trying to pick the Lock

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Everything Went Down the Drain

Funny Story as we were out in Austin, Andy and I were helping a fellow technician with a install. Andy got a text for a install, so we packed up and headed to our car, loaded it up. Andy Forgot to take his tool belt off, he placed something on top of the car and took off his belt, then tossed it in to the back set. Main while the object on the car fell to the ground.
Andy opened the passenger side and announced what had happened. The thing that he placed up on the car was his cell phone. With our luck we parked by a Storm Drain. The cell phone had slid in to the Storm Drain slot.
I was so shocked and upset, the thought came to my mind, "A new cell phone, ohhh nooo, that is our life and it went down the drain, important phone numbers...etc." I sat there stunned. Good thing Andy wasn't as emotional as I, he found my phone and called the office letting them know what had happen. Andy than ran into the the house we were at, he talked to the owner of the home. The owner came out with a flashlight and Andy. They laid down on the assfalt to tryed to find out were it had fallen. Thank goodness it hadn't rained for a week so the Storm Drain was dry.
As the two of them were looking for the cell phone a neighbor showed up, this wonderful neighbor know a lot about Storm Drains, we clued him in with what had happened. He left came back with a wrench and opened the Man whole, then he climbed in and fished out Andy's cell phone. We were so blessed that day to have wonderful people helping us out and that the weather had been so kind. Believe it or not it rained latter that night.
Here is Andy reenacting what had happened.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oh the Places You Can Go

Andy and I became very found of Austin Texas. We hope to be able to move there one day. As we enjoyed this beautiful city there are some places we loved and we wanted to share with you... so if you ever visit Austin Texas you must see and eat at these places.
Town Lake, in south Austin

This is a view close to our Apartments.

Mount Bonell is the highest point in Austin Texas.

This was the stairway to Mount Bonell, the top and the view out to the lake.

Sixth Street is in down town Austin, it's the happen place at night and the weekends.
Six Flags in San Antonio

Some of our favorite places to eat.

"East Side Pies" They have the best pizza ever.

"Alamo Draft House" was a restaurant/ movie theatre, it was awesome, you ate and watched the latest movies.

"Catfish Parlour" is one of Andy's favorite restaurants, it's like a cafeteria but with really good fried everything.
"What a Burger" was way better than McDonalds in my opinion. There onion rings rocked.

"Blacks BBQ" is about 30 min away from Austin in a city called, Lockhart Texas. They really do have the best BBQ we have ever tasted.

Friday, August 1, 2008

1st Year Marker

For our 1st year anniversary Andy and I went to San Antonio. We visited The Alamo which was really interesting. I found out that David Crochet was apart of the Alamo. Here are some pictures of what the Alamo looks like.

Then we walked across the street and checked out the Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe it or Not.

Than we went to the River Walk, if you ever go to the river walk make sure it's the weekend or it will be quit boring. here are some pictures of the River Walk.

You can eat outside by the river some times, it's quit unique.

Favorite songs

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