Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School... Back to School

Do you ever feel this way? "What have I gotten myself into?" " I hope I can withstand the pressure?" "Am I crazy?" "Help!?!"

This picture is a exact prediction of what I've gotten myself into. An idea, which has been string in my, wee little, brain. SCHOOL... COLLEGE! That is right everyone, if you haven't heard it from the horses mouth, you are hearing it now for the 1st time. I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TO BE A HIGH SCHOOL ART TEACHER...

Like Billy Madison said ,"Back to school, back to school. So that my dad don't think I'm a Fool." For me though, it would say, " my future kids don't think I'm a FOOL."

I started last week at DATC. Then at Weber, both Andy and I started Monday. I must say I'm liking the challenge of school. But my poor brain has be neglected for too long. To get it back in shape, has taken some major effort. You know what the smart people say, "If it doesn't hurt, you don't learn."

Already the transportation and parking at Weber has been a joke. Monday we drove up to the campus. We ended up driving around forever to find a parking spot in NO WHERE LAND. This adventure, caused us to be 10 min late for class. Therefore we made plans to ride the bus on Wednesday. Little did we know that this adventure would be the laughing stock of the week. Just image being on a bus, standing inch's away from the next person,(basically sardine's in a tiny can) barley any room to breath. While traveling for 50 Min's, (30 Min's longer than the schedule said) only to arrive at class 30 min late. Lesion learned leave 30-60 min earlier on the bus, to make it to school on time.

Here is Praying, my lovely idea becomes the best decision of my life. (beside getting married and going on a mission.) Hopefully I don't end up like the poor dog, in the picture above. Just waiting for the chair of stress to break. Crushing my little bones. Please, pray, or wish Andy and I luck, for yet, another fun chapter begins in our lives.

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