Tuesday, March 23, 2010

February Hero

My February hero is my favorite brother Dwayne Russell Gentry. There are many reasons that he is my hero. Of coarse cause he is older and has sat an wonderful example. Manly he has shown me what true selfless service is.
The other day as I was going about my daily activities I remembered a moment in my teens. We had lived in North Logan for a year, I was struggling in school because I was new to the area. Dwayne was very in tune with the spirit or something cause he came up with a fun way to make my blues into service.
One night as I was about asleep he quickly woke me and told me about a Secret Ninja Service, he wanted to start. The point of this Service is to serve others in secret. He thought so much of this that he even made head bands that had SNS. That night we started our secret service, I still remember Dwayne busting out his ninja moves as we did the dishes at 12 am.
That was not his only act of Selfless service he did, he served a LDS mission in Korea then served in the USA Army and now with the greatest service, his own little family. For as long as I've known him he has served those around him with the love of Christ.
Thank you so much Dwayne your example of Christ like service it has blessed me through out my life. You have taught me to reach outward to others, instead of inverting inward. Love you a ton.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

AZ trip

This past week we headed down to warmer weather AZ.
The 1st day we ate at a really awesome restaurant called Farmers Grill. I have to say it was pretty good, the BBQ chicken was to die for. The neat thing about the restaurant they grow there own veggies in the farm behind the restaurant. Talk about fresh food....
Then we went to one of the biggest malls, Arizona Mills. It's so big they have markers everywhere to let you know where you at and they call them towns. After a lap in that mall you can count it for your mile walk.
Then we played at the park with family... It's funny to see the differences in parks in Utah they have green grass, tons of trees and plants, Arizona's trees are sparse more sand or rocks than grass. But hey Dylon loves it a ton... I think that rocks are his favorite toy.
Then Dwayne showed us his school which was pretty neat.
Jeremy with Olivia riding a kids ride.
At the park, the sun was so bright. Andy, Marcha and I posing for a photo.

Dwayne, Marie and Dylon flying a kite.
Malia just being plain cute.
Dylon is showing me how to scare the dinosaurs with my flash light. After we found the Dinosaur with the flash light we had to throw them.... It was quite funny.

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