Monday, July 26, 2010

Gentry Family 2010

Gentry Family 2010 Pitures.

Grandpa 86th B-day

Grandpa blow out the candles and asked to do it again.
A model A car that Andy's uncle Sam had fixed up and he took Grandpa Gentry on a ride.

Almost the whole dam family as Grandpa would say.
I was up at my mom & dad's house and found the pictures for my Grandpa Gentry's 86th B-day gathering. I just wanted to post some of them on the blog. Happy Late b-day Grandpa Gentry.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cat Vs. Dog Vs. Dog Vs. Boy

Sunday Andy and I came up to Logan to hang out for the weekend. We ended up taking Lucky, he is a Toy Poodle, with us because we are dog tending while Jim and Julie are out traveling.
Cat Vs. Dog
Lucky has been pretty good with the new environment except for when Marvin, my parents really fat cat, decided to come out of hiding. Last night all my family was seating a talking. Lucky was seating on the floor and Marvin sneaked out which made Lucky want to chase the cat. Then came on the boxing gloves Marvin charged Lucky and kept whacking Lucky on the head, mean while Lucky kept yelping and barking. Just so all you animal lovers know Marvin has no claws anymore so no animals were hurt. This went on for a good 2 min. man it was so funny cause Lucky kept challenging Marvin and Marvin would show Lucky who was the boss of this house.
Dog Vs. Dog
Danielle and Steve ended up bring there dog Reggie, he is young pup a Golden Retriever, Of corse with pups they think that everyone is there to play with them. I let Lucky out to go do his bussness and Reggie was so excited to see another dog and kept trying hard to play with Lucky. Poor Lucky he kept running away and Reggie thought that they were playing tag or something and kept chasing Lucky. As you could imaganie Lucky was a cranky old man and Reggie a young kid that kept bugging the old man to play. I could just imagne what they would say.
Lucky, "D*** young buck stop bugging me. Didn't your mother ever teach you to respect your elder."
Reggie, "Come on lets play... Please, Please , Please."
Dog Vs. Boy
Dylon my nephew is a boys boy. He is a outdoor, ruff and tuff kid. Dylon loved having the dogs around. But Reggie and Dylon have a special relationship, almost like brothers. You know the type you punch me I get to punch you back.
Dylon was out side with cousins and Reggie was just running from one kid to the other licking, jumping, and wagging his tail.
Earlier that day I tried to teach Dylon how to throw a stick and have the dogs chase it and bring it back. Dylon thought he would try it with Reggie, Dylon got a stick but Reggie was to fast & was trying to take the stick away from Dylon. Then finally Dylon got the stick back but instead of throwing it he started to hit Reggie with it. Reggie again thinking it was a game started to jump and try to grab the stick. Dylon kept swinging the stick around and Reggie decide to push Dylon over. It was so funny because both of them were smiling and Dylon was laughing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

102.2 pounds

Andy and I still are alive if anyone was wondering. A few things that we have been up to are Weight Watchers, School, Work, Chilling, and Enjoying our Family Events. June we had b-day parties almost every weekend. Early July we spent a wonderful weekend celebrating our Nations Birth and excited for the end of the month because we have more parties and plenty more Celebrations.
One of our celebrations is our amazing goal rinding our self of extra weight. Andy Hit his 50 pounds lost and plus. I'm just a few pounds away. The neat thing about how we are loosing is we are just eating right... NO exercise crazy huh... We are in love with Weight Watchers. They are teaching us how to treat our body as a fueling tank... The cheaper the quality the harder it is to fuel and amount of food you take in the more you have to feed yourself. The better the Fuel like veg's.'s, fruits, lean meats and the right portion size the longer you last and more fat you burn. The best thing is we are not dieting we are just eating what our bodies need. As of Thursday July 8th We weighed in Andy had lost 60.2 pounds , Me 42 pounds. Together equals a total of 102.2 pound lost, that is like the weight of Super Model or a teenager, insane. I must say it feels great to be healthier and lighter.

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