Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Fever

I had the opportunity to give a lesson in a Relief Society it was on the topic of Partaking of Christ Daily. I was at first a little nervous but my creative mind took me on a paper mache adventure. I wanted to compare "Partaking Christ Daily" like eating a feast. In doing so I really wanted a turkey. but you know a real one would be messy, pricey and a little to much to handle. In my little world I had to have a "Turkey". I brain stormed for a long night and came up with a plan. I was so sick last Sunday and board that I put my plan in motion.

After pasting and molding the news paper with a flour paste. I waited the a long time for it to dry then the next day busted out my paint and created painted turkey. Than Smeared Moge Poge all over and then tacked on the wings and legs. It was a blast to see what I could make out of news paper, flour, water, glue and paint. Talk about cheap craft... the only other way I could go cheaper was not to make it at all.

Any who this got me thinking lets try a real Turkey, My dad's style, Smoked. So here I am in Logan with my family learning from the pro. and hopefully I'll be able to duplicate it again for the Ridd's. Here's crossing my figure. Hopefully they will gobble it up...
Well I made the Turkey and it turned out pretty good but my dad's tops it for sure.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our lives in a min.

Life has been a little crazy, from trips to colds to working hard.

Andy is cracking out the books, he is pushing through school. He has History, Library Research, English, & Computer gaming Class.
He is half way through school. I'm so excited for that.

His health is doing good, Still needs O2 but we are glad that we're not in the hospital. That reminds me last year around this time I was up for 2 days trying to take care of Andy when he 1st came home... I'm so glad we have passed that trail.

We are getting back on the plan, Weight Watchers. Vacation took us on a long detour of eating crazy. But it was worth it for the taste bugs but the weight gain not pretty. Anyway I guess that is why there is always a fresh start.

Me I've been in creation mode, I've got crafts everywhere, my mind is swamped with Christmas gift ideas. Then I'm swimming in homemade soup. I keep making soup so far I've made 4 different types of soups this week and 2 more to make. I made an amazing soup today it had pumpkin, yams, cream, spices, and broth, we named it "Fall Delight".

That is about all that has been happening...

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