Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emery Dwayne Gentry

My grandpa Emery Dwayne Gentry passed away this month. It was a sad but joyous at the same time. Grandpa was getting old and probably was missing his sweetheart Cleo Hall Gentry. Grandpa we will all miss you but we will never forget those Darn Pine nuts or Hell's Kitchen.

I held it all together hardly cried but when it came to seeing the 21 salute and taps... I was balling my eyes out. Then when each son and daughter kissed the flag I was so proud of my Grandfathers service for our Country.
I promise that I will always keep the fish trembling at the name of Dwayne and the pine nuts showering from the heaven all in memory of thee.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pool fun

We were able to have a little family bonding time after the funeral. I'm gratefully for my family and the opportunity be together. I felt the sweet blessings of my brother and sisters enjoy everyday, which is their little ones

Andy Pantz is what? Yeah you heard right 29...

Andy turned the 29 this month. Super crazy that he is a year away from the big 30. This year we were trying to keep the cost down so I made Breakfast and dinner for Andy.
Breakfast was his favorite Eggs Benedict with OJ. Then for dinner he wanted homemade Enchilada, with Rice and Black Beans. But then I surprises him I made him a tres lechess cake.
He got a switch blade, diet Dr. Pepper from Danielle and Steve (scary... it was funny to see him try and open the switch blade for the first time), Money from parents, gift card from Wes and Jess, a shirt from Abbie and Mike, Then I got him a Soda Stream so hopefully we will save money on soda.

One or a Zero

My sweetie is a computer geek. I wanted to design the blog to the T like a computer geek would... The 1 and 0 's are how the old basic language computer software was written in. For example 1100 would mean decimal number 12, combining them would tell the computer to do a function. But hey I'll spare you the Nerd talk and let you enjoy the 1's and 0's
If you want a Hollywood version of this computer stuff we would recommend Antitrust. It's a good one.

Favorite songs

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