Saturday, November 22, 2008

Theres No Places Like Home

Andy and I finally got into a apartment. We love the area, it's close to my work and a little closer to Andy's. We are a half a block to a block away from grocery stores, a Auto shop, the local theater, Cosmos movie rentals, gas stations and much more. The best part is we are in Wes', Andy's Brother, ward.
Here is a little more information on the apartment. Our lovely abode has 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms. A nice big living room, a kitchen big enough to fit a washer and dyer, a large round table and a old school Avocado portable dishwasher. Also fits all my kitchen supplies with some room left, it's like magic. We are so blessed, this apartment by far is the most roomy apartment yet. One more thing we can do minor improvements and decorate more than have with any of our past apartments.
When we moved in I was over whelmed with all of the stuff we had accumulated in just a year. I had to work the day we moved the big stuff in. When I got off work and walked in the living room it was stacked floor to celling every inch filled with stuff. It didn't stop just there we had a trail in every room even in each bathroom. Finally a week latter we made a spot for everything even down to the last thimble.

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