Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas throughout the year

It was the day of Christmas & I thought to myself
where did the time go ?
how come the days flew by so fast... ?
as I pondered this it came to mind
have I truly celebrate the true meaning of Christmas not only today but throughout all time?
I hope you all have a merry Christmas year not only a Christmas day...
& carry the spirit of the season through out next year
so that all whom come, will love to be near
for you give the greatest gift
a gift we all hold dear
the gift of Christ like love
with all my heart I ask you now share your love to those all around.
To all a Merry Christyear & a happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Book of Mormon Moment

It seems to me that when life or the world will try to pull you down, the Lord turn things around. This last week has been a challenge for me I'm not sure way but it maybe because of the presser of the holidays or my struggle with other things. Life hasn't been the easiest lately but just like in the book of Mormon story where a group of people are forced to be slaves and the Lord didn't take away the trial but straighten the people to handle the trail. This is how I feel, our trials haven't changed but we have changed to fit or over come our challenges. What a blessing it is to know this story it has given me a peace of mind.
On top of that the Lord has given us straight through our families... I"m so grateful for our families and the faith they have. The days that have been the hardest for me they seem to know, by the spirit, & they will call stop by or help out in some way. I'm so thankful for our families & the gospel. What a blessing it is to know who I am in this world & what a great plan the lord has for me & what Love our Heavenly Father has for us.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How the grinch stole Christmas

My favorite Christmas movie....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Claymation Christmas

When my family lived with the McArthurs when we were building our house years ago they got us into claymation. I stumbled on this video and had to post it cause it is the bomb.

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