Monday, March 30, 2009

AZ Vacation

Here are some more lovely pictures of our Arizona Vacation.
I went crazy and took a lot of random photos as we went down to AZ. My favorite one was when we were passing through La Verican there was blossoms on the trees it was beautiful. I'm so ready for spring to come.
This is when we went to a Pet shop as you can see Dylon, Danielle and Steve had a ton of fun with the cute cuddly dogs. Dylon kept taking the balls away from the bull dog and while shaking his figure he would say... "NO, NO, NO !!!" We had to pry Danielle away from the 5,000 dollar Bull Dog. (I love dogs but not for that price.) As you can see the Bull dog was cute that's why it was hard to get Danielle to put her back in the kennel.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Faith in Healing Hands

I believe everybody on earth has a talent to share or a path they need to take. If you're anything like me you sometimes question your talent or path that you've chosen.
When I was just out of High School I felt a draw to become a Foot Zone Therapist. Then a draw to become a Massage Therapist 7 years latter. Each of these talents I was able to see the power of healing touch.
I've continue my path in therapeutic massage and I've wittiness many blessings in doing so. Such as the phenomenal spirit I feel as I work on a Child of God, and the opportunity to channel our Heavenly Fathers love through my hands.
A few times I've stop and thought to myself, "Am I really getting payed to do this? The spirit it self is enough for me." but we live in a world that requires money and I'm grateful to be able to work in a healing environment.
Though even seeing this power I've had some doubt in the path I'm on, until God shows me faith in healing hands.
Today I worked on a lovely lady, whom I've grown to love as a sister, it had been 5 months sense I've seen her last. With in the 5 months she had gotten pregnant and was beaming with joy. At first I didn't recognize her then like a flood, my memory came back. This sweet Woman had been trying to get pregnant for years and couldn't because of health issues. She had gone to a doctor and did all they told her to do and still wasn't able to bare a child. The first time I worked on her I felt her pain as she explained what was going on with her body. As I listen to her, a strong feeling came over me to work a area on her foot, I followed the prompting. Then she came back a few weeks latter and told me that she felt her uterus contract for 2 days and was excited but didn't want to that happen again and asked me to not work on the area. Well, as I worked on her that day the same prompting came to me again and I worked the same area as before but lighter this time. As you could image seeing this amazing woman 5 months latter being blessed with the one thing she desired a child. I was overwhelmed by the joy. At the beginning of the session she told me that she no longer had that health issue after I worked on her. With tenderness in her voice she expressed that I was the one that healed her.
I thought about what she said, not completely agreeing that it was I who healed her. Latter that evening I came to a realization that Faith was the key to this experience. I don't know if it was me who healed her or if it was her desire to have a child. All I know is faith was a big factor and Heavenly Father was using my hands to channel his love for her. It's moments like this that I do know that I've chosen the correct path and that my talents are blessing those around me. Faith in healing hands may come in different forms for you but I want to testify that they do come and they heal both to the giver and the receiver. I leave you with this an encouragement to use your talents and chose your path for you may have the touch of healing hands.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off to Arizona

Steve, Danielle, Andy and I decided a month or so ago we were going on a road trip. Danielle and I have a brother in Mesa Arizona and we were missing them so we packed up our stuff and headed down south. It was just what the doctor order. With the weather here being so questionable it was nice to feel the sun and bask in it.
Here are some pictures of our Trip.

We had some cheese cracker in the car and I was bored and looked through the whole in the middle of the cracker and thought that would be a awesome photo. So here they are... through the eye of a cracker.

The weekend before the trip we hung out and were going to get DQ treats but not all of us wanted it. As we were almost to Cedar City we saw a DQ and had to grab one.

More to come......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trigger Happy

Andy and I got a new Camera . We love it, we love it so much it's practically glued to our hands. The Canon Camera has so many features, more than I'm use to. I remember having the old school film camera and you hoped that you got some what of a descent picture. Now with our digital camera we can select a color and it will pick out that color, we can do black and white, sepia, underwater and much more.

Here are a few examples of our new found toy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Celebrating in Three

This last Sunday we went over to the Ridds house and celebrate three birthdays Malia, Carson and Jessica. Jessica got to choose a wonderful dinner, steaks; sweet potatoes and roasted vegges, and Carson got a Dinosaur cake. Malia was just plan cute, and was part of the entertainment.
All of it was amazing, but the cake was the cherry on top.
The Dinosaur cake had a interactive Volcano, Dinosaurs and much more. Here are some pictures of the night.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Slum Dog Millionaire

Abbie, Andy's sister, suggested that Andy and I should go to this show. We took her up on the suggestion and loved the movie. The music was memorising, and the contract of the filming was superb. It's a different story, one that givings you hope and a realisation of how blessed we are here in US. It is Rated R I'm not sure why... there was a dose of violence but nothing like the Godfather or a War movie. I thought that it could have been rated PG 13.
In the side bar is a soundtrack of Slum Dog Millionaire. Take a few minutes and listen, it's a traditional India music with a techno twist to some of the songs.

Favorite songs

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