Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen

I loved these videos, my in-laws shared them with us on Saturday. They really put the true meaning of Easter back in perceptive.
This brings me to my Perfect gospel. Earlier I talked about how my family was perfect it is because of Christ.
The gospel I believe in is perfected by the grace of God and the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ. Oh how my heart aches for all that he did for me. I hope to make Him proud of me by my actions today. I'm so grateful for the sweet blessings of this eternal life which was give so selflessly.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Perfect World

My perfect world! Some people would say, "I don't live in a perfect world." "There is no perfection in this world." "Are you kidding me Perfect look at all the wrong here and there."
Well my world is perfect, Yea I said it. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm rich or famous or have all that my heart desires. I'm just saying my world was made for me. Our loving Heavenly Father created a perfect world for me.
Let me explain this perfection, there are four things that I see, One my husband & family, Two my gifts & talents, Three my home, and Four the gospel.
One my husband and Family, lest us start here today.
Please don't think I'm boasting or saying I'm better than so and so. No way is that true. What I'm trying to say is this, I have been raised in a loving home. I grew up with 2 sisters, a brother, a mom, a dad and many pet animals. My parents loved each of us and each other.
My father would work so hard from 6 in the morning until 6 to 8 in the evening, Monday through Saturday and some Sundays. He taught us what it meant to have integrity in your work. He taught me how to show your love to your spouse. I remember times when he would defend my mom even if it was clear she may have been wrong. He loved and loves my mom so much and it shows through his actions. These moments of learning from him where placed perfectly before me so I could carry that into my family today.
My sweet mother, I have such love for her. I often feel bad that she was stuck at home with 3 hormonal girls and a son who wished he had a brother instead of 3 sisters. I loved the way my mom would pay attention to each of us. She didn't all the time but really who ever could!?! I know even still today if I have a question or need a friend all I have to do is call her. She has shown me what perfect faith in Christ is, which is an open door and loving arms.
My siblings they are perfect.... Yes many are you thinking this lady has to be kidding or crazy. She could in no way have a perfect brother or sisters. Your right they may not be completely perfect. I remember being teased, hair pulled, arguments. Even though these moments happened my siblings have given me perfect examples of Christ like Attributes.
Shauntell my older sister has shown me how to endure with Christ by your side and to have full faith in the scriptures. As I watched her and her family grow I've been blessed to see what it means to have Faith. All the random calls we had she always bore her testimony and the truths she found as she searched the scriptures. Never once have I quested her Faith.
Dwayne my big brother, He was an awesome ability to find Joy around him and for being Patient (especially with three sisters). When I was a teen I was a little to moody at times & Dwayne would try so hard to make me laugh or have some fun. One time he was driving home and decide make a pit stop to flip some doughnuts in the parking lot. I was scared but I got out of my funky mood and laughed. Then I remember I had a paper do in class, I wrote it of coarse the day before and he stayed up all night to correct it, what Patience he had.
Danielle my big spiritual, little sister. She is my 4 years apart twin, I swear we were suppose to be born as twins. She has shown me what Obedience means. I remember there was a show that I really wanted to watch and she flat out said, "I don't think this is allowing the spirit to be here, we need to turn it off." Of course I was mad being the old sister and having your little sister telling me what to do. But I knew she was right, we turned it off. Even today she shows me what Obedience is. She is also a great example of Love. I never feel judged by her, I feel like I belong when I'm around her.
Last but not lest my Sweet Hubby, Andy. He is my other half. I really don't know what I would be like if he wasn't around. He is my calming water, I feel so much peace when I'm around him. Of course there are those days when everything gets on your nerves. Or when your Hubby decides to be a tornado and tare up the house when your gone. But I know he tries so hard to do his best. He shows me that no matter what happens in life you have a choice to be happy or not. He makes me laugh all the time, we have so many inside jokes it's hard to have conversations with other people because they wouldn't get what we're talking about. The thing I love most is he loves me. I could have the flu or look like I was drugged through the dirt and he still would hold me and kiss me. I love him so much.
I'll stop this novel right here and maybe add my other perfect thoughts latter. Thanks for reading and hopefully you were entertained.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Angels

Last friday night I had worked on a client that has had chronic neck and shoulder problems and I was blessed to work on her. When the session was over I had the sweetest comment that
prepared me for a ruff night. She told me I was a miracle worker, and kept raving about the massage. It felt like this praise was a little hug from my Heavenly Father telling me I'm doing what I'm suppose to do. This lady was my first Angel that week, sending sweet messages from heaven, thank you.
My second Angel came last Saturday at work. My boss and I had an couples massage appointment together. Our clients where 1/2 hour late and this gave my boss and I sometime to talk. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, "Are you and Andy thinking about having kids?"
Of course this has been a subject that is tender to my heart. Because Andy and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 year now, with no luck. Then to top it off I had a major emotional melt down the night before and was up all night thinking about it. I had went to work not prepared with sleep, and emotionally unstable so when I heard my boss ask the question. I broke down and cried... if you want an humbling experience break down and cry in front of your boss. I felt so stupid.
Lori, my boss, is such a wonderful person she was patience and kind as I cried my heart out. She helped me so much in that 15 minutes I felt blessed to have her wise thoughts and concern for me.
A little bit about Lori, she has a disease that causes her to take medication for the rest of her life and if she didn't her body will attack it self and this can lead to death, and also makes it near impossible to have children. Even though she has this disease she has pushed forward, I love her example of endurance. Her husband and her have been blessed to be able to adopt two sweet girls.
Lori talked to me about adopting children, she put to rest many fears that I had. Also she encourage me to talk to families that have adopted so I can talk about the fears I have. I must say it did help to talk about it with her. She was to inspired to say what she did, I couldn't really talk that much because I was crying the whole time but the spirit whispered what I needed to hear. Thank you Lori you were my Angel that day.
Then I was blessed with two other Angels this week. first my mother who is the most wonderful listener I've ever known. She is my anchor to the truths of the gospel she leads me to the Savor every time I have a trail or need guidance. Thank you mom.
Then my last angel was a simple text from my big sister... She told me how much I meant to her and how I'm apart of the family. She didn't even know what was going on she just sent it. Oh how this small message gave me the brightest moment that day. Thank you Shauntell.
I know how hard it can be in this world I'm so grateful for the sweet angels that God sends us when we need them. Thank you for those moments.

Sweet Inspirational Talks

The sweet inspirational messages that comes from General Conference is such a blessing. I've been feeling the weight of the world lately. Things that I hold onto or allow myself to be bugged by, or just a negative thought, these feels humbled me to ache or look for General Conference this April.
I prayed so hard that our loving Heavenly Father would speak to me through these men and woman. I have to tell you, I not only receive an answer I was blessed with sweet inspiration. I weeped for joy in the truth of the subjects that where given in Conference. (I mean every talk, I was wiping tears and holding my breath so I wouldn't start crying my head off) I felt more prepared for General Conference this time and it was a wonderful experience.
It was funny because we watched Conference at the Ridd's house and I went straight down stairs after dinner, to watch the 2nd half of the Sunday session. About half way through the session, Morgan my nephew came down and asked, "Why are you down here and not up stairs with everyone?"
I responded by, "Because it is quite down here and I really need to listen to these men, I need the spirit to talk to me." I hope that he understood that I wasn't trying to be anti social but that I needed my Heavenly Father and I needed His spirit so bad I had to give up something to make me strong. Not to be selfish but to fill my cup so I may fill others that depend on me. After that I had so much processing I had to go on a walk. I flipped on Pandora to a LDS station and walked until Andy came searching for me... I did tell him where I was going he just got board so he went Camille hunting and he found me...
I hope none of the Ridd's where put off by me for being in my own world. I really have been having a hard time with somethings just like we all do. I had to recharge, get my head on the purpose of life and give thanks to my Loving Heavenly Father.
Thank You to all who fasted, prayed and pondered on a subject to talk about this Conference. You inspired me, gave me hope, filled my empty cup and sent the love I needed. Thank you for listening to the spirit, I know you found one of the lost sheep and guided it/me back home.

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