Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boat Adventure

Steve borrowed his parents boat and took his brother and Andy out to Hyrum Reservoir. Then After Dani and I got off work we headed up to pick up our mom and dinner and we meet them.
Dani and Steve going out on the Tube.
See how fast they go.

Mom just chilling on the boat.

Captain Andy Pants steering the boat. Of coarse with his drink.

Ridd Family Reunion

Last week all of us Ridds headed down to Koosharem, UT for a Family Reunion. Grandpa Dale Ridd has some land down in Koosharem so Dales kids decided to plan a get together.
After all their hard planing and work we came together a enjoyed the windy warm weather of Koosharem. Some of my favorite highlights were dutch oven dinner, camped out in Grandpas garage or in tents on the front lawn. The train of 4 wheelers, and being able to drive one all by myself. Fun activities for both kids and adults.

Here is Grandpa Dale Ridd, pulling out on his 4-wheeler.

Carson, Morgan, and Andy waiting for the caravan of 4-wheelers to start.

Safety First. I thought it was so funny to see the boys in the huge helmets.

Look dad no hands.
Still waiting for the signal to go.

Michael and Morgan on the road.

All of us on our way to eat our lunch in the mountains.

Me holding on tight as Andy drove.

Eating lunch.

Cowboy the pony he is so cute.

Corey on cowboy while his son leads the way.

Colleen put together a rockn' fun scavenger hunt using the GPS. My team and Andy's team lost, so sad. But the Winning team got some really funny prizes. One was a belly dancing book with chimes. They gave them to Jess because she has a sister that Belly Dances. Jess was showing Malia how to use the Chimes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grandpa in cold country

Believe it or not Grandpa Gentry made a grand leap to the cold country. He came from the hot of all hot, St. George, to the Cold as a ice cube, North Logan UT. His health has become a factor and he felt he needed to be closer his kids. We are all excited because it will give us all more opportunities to create memories with him. Welcome to Logan Grandpa.... I made him a wreath that will hopefully remind him of his favorite fishing spot.... "Hell's Kitchen" and the heat.
We love you Grandpa Gentry.

I forgot to take my camera with me when he first arrived at his apartment at Pioneer Valley Lodge in North Logan. But I'll have to post some pic.s of his new home.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet tomatos

Slowly we are being able to harvest some of our vegges. We didn't get a ton yet from our small garden but it is a start for our first try at gardening. Here is our first tomato.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday fun with the Gentry's

Three weeks ago we went up to have fun with my family. Dwayne and Marie came up from AZ to Bless Malia in my parents ward. This was a weekend filled with fun. Thanks everyone for your help to make it a great weekend.

Wasn't Fuzzy was he

Andy loves to get his hair cut , at one point he was cutting his hair every other week. To save money Andy thought that it would be fun to shave all of his hair off. So we placed a load of old towels down, pulled out the clipers and buzzed it all off. This was my frist time using the clipers and i sure did have fun.
See all the hair there was 2x that much behind him.

Fuzzy was a bear Fuzzy had no hair so Fuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he.

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