Friday, December 26, 2008

Just Being Goofy

It's so funny a couple times this year we, Danielle, Steve, Andy and I, will just get bored and drive up or down to each others house, to hang out. Andy and I had our camera stolen in Texas but Danielle and Steve would always take pictures and I finally remember to ask to have some of the pictures emailed to me so here is a few of them for you.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lights On

Andy and I found this house in Sandy last year that was a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit. They call it Christmas Utah, you can find them on the Internet. The guy who designed and puts it on, Christmas Utah, is you average neighbor. He has made it so that the lights coordinate with the music which makes a fun show. It's really amazing if you have a chance drive by on your way to a party. Guess what it's free too. Andy and I took Danielle and Steve to it Monday night it was a blast. Here are so clips and pictures, enjoy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Body Worlds

It's amazing how our body is a miracle. The design is so well put together that it's not hard to believe we didn't come from a speck of bacteria. There's much more to our make up. From how our brain will automatically force our lungs suck air in by the diaphragm constricting. Even to the ability to move a finger or close a eye. The body is a fascinating creation. I've always loved the function of the human body and the relationship to emotions and muscles. I guess that is why I chose the career of Massage Therapy. I heard about the Body Worlds Exhibit in Los Vegas and I've ached to go. But the destines had made it a challenge.
Well I wished hard enough and the Exhibit came to me. Andy and I went last Monday and we loved it . It's in Salt Lake City at the Leonardo Art Center. I've been to cadavers were there are dissected human body's, that have been donated, to help students get a better feel for the body. This is by far more life like than I've ever seen. The developer preserved the body's to the best life like state with out using harsh chemicals. I raise my hat to him, the bodies are amazing. One of them showed you the heart, veins, arteries, and capillaries, and nothing else but your bones structure. There are many more wonderful stations like lungs, they compared a healthy one to a damaged lung do to smoking heavily. If you have time before January 15th to go Do It. You will not regret it. Here are some pictures
For more infomation go to

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Savor of the World

Steve and Danielle Got tickets to the play, "Savor of the World". They invited Andy and I to go with them and watch it. I really enjoyed the play, But the Parking was horrible. We got there 15 to 20 min early and drove around searching for a parking spot. It was insane. We made it in a few minutes late and were able to see most of the play. After the Play we walked around the temple grounds and socked up the the magnificent Christmas spirit. I love the Holidays. Here are some pictures of Temple grounds.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Real Game

Steve and Danielle got some awesome ticket to the Last Real Salt Lake Soccer Game of the Season. They played New York Red Bulls. It was amazing... even though they lost. I loved how a group of Latino Soccer fans would says AHHHH FOOTBALLL! when any goalie kicked the ball away from their end of the field. It was so cold that night we all had blankets thanks to Dani and Steve. I just got off work and we didn't have time to run home and grab our blankets so we bagged Dani and Steve for some. In some of our pictures we have sad faces because Real lost. Andy thinks we lost because of a cheating baby Red Bull Player. The guy faked a injury, we think, a couple times when Real got really close to scoring a goal. I thought it was funny because he would stall the game for a good minute or so and limp around for five and play like it never happened. Any Who, here are some pictures enjoy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

If I can cook so can you.

For Thanksgiving I had this hair brain idea. I was going to make my mothers famous homemade rolls. I decided to do this the day before Thanksgiving. I know crazy me. With my first batch attempt that night, I didn't realize that my oven puts off so much heat. On the second raise of the dough it ended up cooking on the bottom. I was determined to make them so I woke up at six o'clock Thanksgiving morning and made Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls. They weren't exactly the same as my moms but I was so proud of myself for trying. I thought that it would be funny to take pictures of me being exhausted But I ended up looking like I was stoned. I wasn't I promise but had fun so bare with my crazy pictures.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Theres No Places Like Home

Andy and I finally got into a apartment. We love the area, it's close to my work and a little closer to Andy's. We are a half a block to a block away from grocery stores, a Auto shop, the local theater, Cosmos movie rentals, gas stations and much more. The best part is we are in Wes', Andy's Brother, ward.
Here is a little more information on the apartment. Our lovely abode has 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bathrooms. A nice big living room, a kitchen big enough to fit a washer and dyer, a large round table and a old school Avocado portable dishwasher. Also fits all my kitchen supplies with some room left, it's like magic. We are so blessed, this apartment by far is the most roomy apartment yet. One more thing we can do minor improvements and decorate more than have with any of our past apartments.
When we moved in I was over whelmed with all of the stuff we had accumulated in just a year. I had to work the day we moved the big stuff in. When I got off work and walked in the living room it was stacked floor to celling every inch filled with stuff. It didn't stop just there we had a trail in every room even in each bathroom. Finally a week latter we made a spot for everything even down to the last thimble.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Costume

Andy and I have been trying so hard to have really cool costumes every year for Halloween. This year we had a hard time figuring out what we were going to be. Until we did a search for Recycled Costumes. We stumbled upon this one...

It took about 3 days to make both heads and the hand pieces. I was the carver, sculpture, sower and detail personal. Andy was the the spray paint master.
How we did it...

Buy 2 inch. Insulation Styrofoam Board @ any hardware do it yourself store
Have a nice knife, and knife sharpener (your knife goes dole fast, I sharped our knife almost every 10 min.)
Paper and pencil, protractor, pen
Acrylic paint (use craft paint because spray paint eats Styrofoam)
Bug netting or Screen netting

Figure out how big you want the head to be, make a circle pattern with paper and protractor. Measure the height of your head decide how tall you want the head. For Andy his head was 10 inch's so we make the head 12 inch's tall for the neck and Lego cap. So we had to cut out 6 same size circles.
Once the circles are cut out trace the top of the head and tapper larger with each circle. You sort of have to guess, cut and fit the piece on layer by layer. We started at the top and move to the last 6th circle that rests on your shoulders. Numbering helps too, we numbered the circle on the inside.
here is a site to get more detailed directions.
After you figure out the head piece then you work on the outside. First glue the circles it together in order and make sure it fits on your head. I used a knife and shaved the circles sides off to make it smoother then I curved the edges too. After that I made the Lego cap and cut out a Lego name and glued on top. We than painted it with craft glue and let it set for a night. Andy spray painted the heads. Then I measured the eyes and mouth out. Drilled the eyes out, painted the inside with black and circles on the outside. At last I painted a big smile on and glued on the circle netting the size of the eyes.
For Mrs. Lego's hair I bought 1/2 a yard of brown Felt @ the craft store. Cut the felt to look like plastic hair, glued it together and there you have it a Lego head.
The hands I made with yellow felt. To make the hands stiff I put card stock in them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Burn Him up Barnes Continued

...So this is our truck that started on fire we just thought that you might like to see how bad it was.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spooktacular Shows

With Halloween coming up I was remembering some of the Scary Shows that I had watched when I was young. Now when I go back and watch them I have to laugh because half of these movies are cheesy. Here are some...If you have any Memories of watching a scary movie when you were young please let me know.
  • Adams Family (I wanted to be Wednesday)
  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Munsters (loved it)
  • Hocus Pocus (couldn't go in graveyards after this one)
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown (this was so boring it scared me)
  • Bednobs and Broomsticks (funny)
  • Casper (cute)
  • The Watcher in the Woods (nightmares)
  • The Good Witch (I wanted to be a witch after this one)
  • Mr. Boogedy and Mr. Boogedy's bride (couldn't go in basement for a while)
  • Bettle Juice (my mom wouldn't let me watch it but I snuck a few scenes in when my sister watched it.)

Monday, October 13, 2008


I was looking on Imeem and found this Music Video of Thriller. Hope you enjoy it.

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Burn Him Up Barnes

Last week was sort of a week Andy will not forget. Wednesday night Andy and I found out that the fire department was practicing some drills @ Davis High as we were going home. We watched the fire department and started to joke about what would we do if there was a fire. Little did Andy know that latter that week he would be among a real fire and have his own Hollywood experience with out special affects...
Lest start @ the beginning shall we. Andy had gotten into accident with our Ford. His dad Jim had sold his business and was trying to sell some trucks. We bought one because it was a wonderful price also cause we need another vehicle. We had the truck for a few weeks we even had a mechanic look at it. Last Friday Andy decided to take the truck for a drive. The truck made some funny noises then had a hard time shifting... one thing lead to another smoke started poring out of the engine.
Andy got a feeling to jump out of the truck so he parked and jumped out running for his life just as he did so the engine burst into flames. He got a hold of 911, with in 15 min he had a firetruck and police officers there to extinguish the blazing fire.
The once white truck in menace condition is now choral black, with melted tires and resting in the junk yard. We were glad that no one got hurt and nothing really important got burned. In my opinion the truck was ready to retire, the miles were high and there was a lot of abuse with it being a lumber truck. Now we are back to one vehicle and a story to tell our future kids. As a joke Jim calls Andy "Burn Him Up Barnes" so next time you see Andy call him "Burn Him Up Barnes..." Remember you too can have a Hollywood experience even if you don't want one.

@ Davis HighFire Dept. Practice Drill

Coming soon... We hope to have a picture of the truck.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Halloveen

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays to decorate sense Andy and I don't have a place yet I desided to decorate the blog.
Ve hope Ve can count on Vou to get in the goulish spirit... this season!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock Will Never Die

Andy and I went to a free concert in Salt Lake on Wed. We loved it, we invited one of our buddies form Texas that lives in Salt Lake City, Eric and we met my good Friend Jamie. We listen to two bands the 1st one was Opal Hill Drive, The Second one was Tantric. Opal Hill Drive was more of the country rock feel to me and Tantric was the new rock, I would compare them to 3 doors down.
I do Have to say the best part was the Crazy homeless guy who entertained us all. He would yell as loud as he could, "ROCK WILL NEVER DIE I MIGHT BUT ROCK WILL NEVER DIE", While he hopped around and danced like a crazy man. It was something we would never forget.

This maybe a bad video of it. You can see his head bob up and down.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Go'n' Buggie

Carts that are Mobile are usely for old people that can't get a round. I never thought about the people who may have hurt a ankle or broke a foot.
One of the Sells Rep's fell and broke his foot, he asked us to take him to the store. We did and it was a blast. Brad, his the Sells Rep, and Andy got the Mobile Carts, they raced all around the store it was funny. This is Brad on the Cart.

Well, after that Andy always made sure that he got a Mobile Cart. It was nice sometimes because it would force me to speed up my walking pace. When we went on a hunt for some Hangers to pick our car lock Andy got a Mobile Cart. Lee our Buddie pushed Andy down the alises sometimes because this cart was slow.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Out to Hang

Here is another funny story...

We had a long day in a city called Hitto, we were waiting for a install. Andy's phone was about to die so he went to the car and plugged it. We told the office to call my phone for installs. We got a text about 7 p.m. we went to the car.... Come to find out the keys got locked in the car. We gave our install up, found someone to take us to Walmart. We bought some hangers, came back and tryed to pick our car lock. Lee our buddy using his skills opened our car after 20min. It was funny to watch Andy and Lee try to pick our car locks Because it was their first time picking locks.

Lee trying to pick the lock

Andy trying to undo a Hanger

Lee and Andy both trying to pick the Lock

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Everything Went Down the Drain

Funny Story as we were out in Austin, Andy and I were helping a fellow technician with a install. Andy got a text for a install, so we packed up and headed to our car, loaded it up. Andy Forgot to take his tool belt off, he placed something on top of the car and took off his belt, then tossed it in to the back set. Main while the object on the car fell to the ground.
Andy opened the passenger side and announced what had happened. The thing that he placed up on the car was his cell phone. With our luck we parked by a Storm Drain. The cell phone had slid in to the Storm Drain slot.
I was so shocked and upset, the thought came to my mind, "A new cell phone, ohhh nooo, that is our life and it went down the drain, important phone numbers...etc." I sat there stunned. Good thing Andy wasn't as emotional as I, he found my phone and called the office letting them know what had happen. Andy than ran into the the house we were at, he talked to the owner of the home. The owner came out with a flashlight and Andy. They laid down on the assfalt to tryed to find out were it had fallen. Thank goodness it hadn't rained for a week so the Storm Drain was dry.
As the two of them were looking for the cell phone a neighbor showed up, this wonderful neighbor know a lot about Storm Drains, we clued him in with what had happened. He left came back with a wrench and opened the Man whole, then he climbed in and fished out Andy's cell phone. We were so blessed that day to have wonderful people helping us out and that the weather had been so kind. Believe it or not it rained latter that night.
Here is Andy reenacting what had happened.

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