Sunday, June 12, 2011

Burned Clean Off

Saturday night I stared to cook dinner. I thought to myself oh I need to tell Jim and Julie something. I ran up stairs to tell them then got talking. Next thing we all smelt burned toast. Jim asked Julie if she was cooking something she said No. He proceeded to ask me I said, No I'm not cooking anything. But I decided I better check. I ran down stairs while taking the last steps I was swamped by smoke. Sprinting to the oven I found this...
I had burnt our dinner, the pan and the spatula's handle was burned clean off. I ran the pan outside just in case it decided to com-bust into flames. I open every door, window, and turn on every fan. An hour later all that was left was a smoke smell and ruined pan. It was funny I must say.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

4 years ago

Four years ago we were on our Honeymoon... I can't believe it how in one blink of your eye, time can pass you by. The last 4 years have been moments of unforgettable memories.
We learned in our first year what it is like to be hours away from family. But it helped us build a friendship with each other I hope never to forget.
Our second year took us even farther away it took us States away from all that we knew. We became hard working co-workers. Then fell in deeper in love with each other and with Austin Texas. We return with very little in our pockets but with many experiences we treasure today. We learned to do without and bask in the simple pleasures we had.
Third year was one I will never forget. We had finally gotten on our feet and were pushing forward with hope in our goals for the future. Little did we know that this year was going to be our first climax in our little life story together. My sweet husband almost left this world but pushed through with the strength, I'm grateful for, I wasn't ready to let him go just yet.
This takes us to this year, Year Number Four, we lost much in weight, gained some back. Andy became a expert in school, he pushed himself forward harder than I have ever seen. We learned to be grateful for what we have. With the effects of Andy getting sick we moved in with his parents. We gained a knowledge of the importance of savings and how to make a budget. We've gone through heartaches with not being able to have children yet. Even with this we mange to lean on each other for peace and comfort.
What I've learned these last four years is that no matter what happens if you have faith in each other and in Heavenly Father all things can and will work out. I love you Andrew Todd Ridd and pray for many more beautiful years to come.

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