Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow BRING IT...

Andy and I decided to go visit my family this weekend. We really didn't think to watch the weather channel or prepare our selves as we went on a wild adventure through Sardine Canyon. As we got closer to Brigham City we started to think, "I didn't know it was suppose to snow tonight." But we kept on trucking forward. As we entered the Canyon it had a warning sign, "FRONT WHEEL DRIVE OR CHAINS REQUIRED." Did we worry at all, maybe, not enough to make us turn around and head back to Fruit Heights. We pushed our little Sliver CRV onward. Then as we were 1/4 the way through we thought this is going to be a long drive.
Have you ever been on the Star Trek ride in Disney Land. You know that part when you just board the ride and it shoots you through a warp speed tunnel. All the lights are zooming past you and everything is dark all you can see is the blur white lights whizzing by. Just imagine doing that but only going 20 MPH, all the snow being blast at your wind shield sticking to it like glue & only seeing about a few feet in front. That is how it was for us Friday night.
Thank goodness Andy was driving he is really amazing with driving in the snow. I swear it is a gift. Anyway as we sluggishly drove through we found some other daring people one of them became our Buddy, a small Toyota car, he was our personal plow man. We would follow right behind him tracing his tracks.
You know the saying, "The blind leading the blind". Well it got so bad our Buddy got a little confused and he took us on the wrong side of the barricade heading into on coming traffic. Thank goodness there wasn't a lot of people on the road and that everyone else were hugging the right side of the highway. As we hugged the left and searched for an opening in the barricade.
After 20 mins of share white knuckle, griping, panic we finally made it to the right side and broke free of the white out.
Lesson learned make sure you have a full tank of gas, chains and be more app to listen to the warning signs. We are so glad that everything turned out just fine and that we were protected.
Enough of the scary stuff on to the fun we had Saturday. With loads of snow that we received my sister Danielle and her hubby Steve invited us to go snowmobiling and sledding. Saturday morning we packed up our snow cloths, dolls and dishes hitched a ride up with my dad and the Ottley kids to Idaho. I think the best part was to see my dad hop on to one of those snowmobiles and drive like a bat out of Heck. He had a grin plastered on his face the whole day. It was nice to see him have some fun, he works so hard.
All in all even though it was nightmare trying to come up to Logan it was all worth it. Here are some pictures.

After a go in the fields we decide to go to an area to sled. To get there we made a path with the snowmobiles and drove the Chev out to a hilly part. While we were waiting for my dad and Steve to make the path we ended up at a cow farm. Maya and Zach found this huge pile of snow and Halie was all dressed in her snow cloths so Dani pulled her on a sled. Well Halie wasn't to fond of the sled but it was cute to see Dani try.
The snow was so fluffy that we couldn't get the sleds to go anywhere. Steve took the snowmobile up and down the hill until we had a nice sledding path.

Steve and my dad where trying to pack down the snow so they tied the sled to the snowmobile and tried to make a nice sledding path. But it didn't work that way the sled just broke. It was entertaining to watch.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I've been thinking about this great subject the Atonement and the power of Christ. I been meaning to dig out a book in our packed boxes called, "Jesus the Christ". As we have been studying the Savor in the New Testament I have a burning desire to get to know Him, and all that He did. The Atonement is such a powerful act and bond that was created. It is what fuses us to true Love, the Love of our Heavenly Father.
Lately I have had some experiences that has made my heartache with the desire for those I love to be healed or touched by this great miracle that we have. But we the loving watchers of our brothers and sisters have to step aside and allow a choice to be made by those we love. This is the hardest thing for me I want to step in, pick up, dust off and gently guide them to our Savor.
I know I can't but I can bare a pure testimony that will hopefully plant a seed.
I know we have a Loving Heavenly Father. When I work on people I feel that love, the spirit whispers the truth of His love everyday. I know He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to be slaughter like a perfect lamb so that we all may live again.
Jesus Christ is real He broke the chains of death, He bought us with His precious blood. He is among us if we only humble our self and kneel in prayer to ask Him to be with us. I know there isn't anything He can not do. I've seen hearts mended, lives saved, peace brought to those in great pain, and much more. I know these things are true I know there is Hope if we only have Faith and Endure. If you feel helpless you are not alone. We all go through hard times we all need help and that is okay, that is what makes us children. We need our Heavenly Father and Mother and most of all our Big Brother to teach us and bring us Home.
I love you al,l I know I'm not perfect but I know I have a perfect source to go to. May you have those blessings you need. Again I love you and if you need an ear I would love to listen. Please remember who you are and that many people pray for you and are waiting to serve you with tender love.

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