Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's that... homemade fun.

This weekend we ended up in IDAHO, at my sister Danille's, house. We got up there late Friday night, of coarse we stayed up late. Then we woke up late Saturday morning had a wonderful breakfast. Then dressed up for a fun time in snow cloths.
Steve got some older snowmobiles for his Christmas gift this year. Then one of his buddies and Steve got a super cool idea. They built there own ski chair out of ply wood, nails, 2 x 2's, old pair of skies, blue fur, and lots of padding. What they did was strapped the homemade chair with a tow rope to the snowmobile and presto you have a homemade ski chair. I have to say I have not had so much fun on a low budget in a long time. Steve you are an inspiration, you don't need tons of $ to have fun.
Danille and Steve live by miles and miles of fields. It had just snowed enough that we were able to take the snowmobile for a spin. Steve let Andy drive the snowmobile while I was in the ski chair and I almost ended in the ditch once. Then Steve let me Drive while Andy was on the ski chair and I almost jackknifed Andy. I guess I'm a crazy driver when it comes to snowmobiles. I ended up breaking off one of the ski's. I didn't break the ski just a screw thank goodness. Any who Steve had to go back and get tools to fix the chair.
Mean while Andy and I were stranded with Reggie, my sisters dog,in the field so we got a little creative and dressed up the poor Reggie.
After the eventful afternoon we headed to the busy town Preston Idaho, where we went to a fabulous fabric store, and the DI and a movie. Then we played two new games that I fell in love with... Bang and Spot it.
In between the fun I grew more in love with my sweet Niece Halie, she is the funniest thing ever. She is super smart and she laughs at herself all the time. At church she would wall walk to Andy hit his shoe and Wall walk as fast as she could back to her mom and dad while laughing. What a goof.
Then Sunday night we went to my moms stayed until Tuesday. Monday I went to Old Navy and got 6 things for only 30 dollars, one of them being a green wool coat for only 7 dollars. We had fun and hope to do it again. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back on the Plan

Our vacation for 2 weeks in September became a 3 month see food (& eat) vacation. With a few to many pounds gained we wanted to start the new year with the New Point Plus Plan with Weight Watchers. So far this year we are doing good. I've found out you can't just depend on eating right to lose weight. There are too many temptations. That is why I've made a goal to exercise everyday. This last week I made myself exercise and it worked so well, I felt guilty not exercising one day. I almost got up and at midnight to work out... That is a lot of dedication, because I'm not that into exercising.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hair Fanasco

Andy one day decided to grow his hair out. He normally doesn't last long without a hair cut. When his hair hits his ears he is off to chop it off. I was surprise to hear him say he wasn't going to cut it for 6 months. It's been 3 months since he made the goal, so he has 3 more months to go. While his hair is growing like a chia pet, he added a growth of stubble on his chin and of coarse you have to have a mexi stache with that. It is quite hair-larious to see him twiddle his figures in his facial hair. I have to admit I can't stop running my figures through his thick fluffy head of hair too. I've become a Carson, my nephew, I'm addicted to his hair. Running my fingers in his hair helps me to fall asleep at night, I don't know what I'll do when he cuts it short again. Also the lack of haircuts is saving us 20 dollars month, equaling 120 dollars all together. This is one goal I hope he keeps for longer, I love his hair.

Then of coarse I had to get into the Hair Raising Fanasco. I have limited myself to only getting my hair done 2 times a year. I started the goal last year, it was so hard at first. I'm one of those people who can't stand to see the split ends. I would get my hair cut every month but with getting married money is a lot tighter. That is way I only do my hair 2 times a year. With that I got my hair cut and colored in December. I have to say I'm loving it, I'm going to stay this color for ever. I might add a few peek a boo colors here or there but I'm staying dark.

Any who that is what is up with us so for far this year. Hope you enjoy the pictures

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Christ like Christmas

This year Andy and I still are having a hard time with money, but honestly who isn't. They say that the Recession is over as of the summer of 2009, I say they really don't have a clue what is going on. Any who this year, in my mind been a year of Christ like Giving.
Jim and Julie are serving a local mission in Sandy. With this mission calling they have had the opportunity to see life in a different view. The people in this area are quit poor and are okay with that. In the ward they are serving in, Jim and Julie felt the need to help 2 families this year. They got all the extended Ridds involved with gathering cloths, basic needs, coats, and other odds and ends. Then we all got together and wrapped everything. Latter that week Jim, Julie, and Abbie went and delivered the gifts. I wish I could have been there but of coarse I had to work. To hear Julies testimony and tell the sweet feelings she had as they delivered the presents was a great straight to me. Thank you Jim and Julie for your example of giving up time, being thoughtful and spreading the Christ like spirit.
Then at work I heard the sweetest story of a co-worker. She has had a hard couple of years and one day they received a anonymous card posted from the north pole. In this card was a gift card, and with this card she was able to buy something fun for her kids for Christmas. Again to hear her testimony and gratitude for who ever gave her that was so sweet. I almost cried, as she thanked the Lord for blessing them this year. I was brought back to what really matters. It isn't the presents or the glitter it is the sweet and simple acts that you will always remember. It also inspired me to try harder next year to give of myself more. Thank you for sharing your testimony of gratitude.
Not only was our Christmas good it was great. I got the one thing I really wanted to be able to get my hair done and new clothes, ohhh and a new purse. Andy got a wallet, tool box and cloths. Ohh ya thank you Danielle and Steve for the Donkey Kong Andy has played it almost everyday, he is glued to it. (I love it too)
Nick and Carly were so sweet and gave us a sweet game. Thank you.

Also both of our parents gave us more than we could imagine, Thank you so much we know it took a lot of sacrifice to give us what you did.

Beside what our families gave us it wasn't anything big this Christmas but I know the moments I will remember are the ones of the spirit not of man.
The Ridd Family Christmas Party

Christmas day at the Gentry's

AJ hanging out with Reggie

Grandpa showing Halley how to play.

Christmas day at the Ridds

Wes and Micheal playing with Morgan's and Carson's Moon Shoes.

Our mini Christmas

Poor Lucky he was warn out

My 1$ shrit... oh ya this out fix cost me 6$.

I love to Visit the Temple

One of my good friends, Taryn, at work was preparing to go to the temple and a mission. When she got her temple endowments, I wasn't able to go but we went to the Ogden together with another awesome co-worker, Maryann. After the session I had a crazy idea, which isn't unusual for me, to see how many temples we could visit in one day. With this idea in mind December Thursday the 9Th 2010 we made it happen. We visited 4 temples and did work Temple work in 2 temples.
Our day started off at 6:00 am with sleepy eyes we meet at Beyond Spa parking lot. Then started our quest up to the Logan Temple, where we did a full session, then we turned around and headed south. With 2 hours of driving we made it to Jordan River Temple, snapped a picture (because it was closed for a yearly cleaning). After the drive by picture taking we headed 3 miles to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, there we did initiatory work. With spirits filled but gurgling tummies we decided to go to The Cheese Cake Factory. We stocked up on carbs, cheese cake and all the good stuff and ended our Journey at the Salt Lake Temple.
I must say this was one of my favorite moments this last year. I have never felt so much power as I did that day. I know that temples are the House of the Lord and the work done is a divine work. How blessed we are to live in a day that any worthy member can help those who can't receive the blessings of the temple. What a sweet, humbling opportunity we have to have so many temples around us. My new year goal this year is to visit almost all of them if I can and do some work.
Thank you Maryann, and Taryn for supporting me in this crazy idea, I love you girls so much.
Ogden Temple
Logan Temple

Jordan Temple

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Taryn's Farewell Brunch... We are going to miss you Taryn but you are doing an amazing work that will bless many lives. May the Lord pore his spirit upon you.

Maryann, Camille, Taryn, and Jenni

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