Sunday, March 27, 2011

Texas all the Way

For our spring vacation we decide to head over to Texas. We moved between Austen and Dallas. I would say it was one of our favorite vacations because we just did whatever we wanted no set time or place. We ended up visiting the state capital, a Maverick basketball game, to many amazing restaurants, and exotic animal store.
A few things that we miss in Texas are...

1. Traffic lights are horizontal
2. All officers wear cowboy hats
3. Star or the State or Texas flag plastered everywhere
4. Waffle Iron the shape of the TX State.
5. East side Pies
6. BBQ joints everywhere.
7. Meat is the main and sometime only course in the meal.
8. Hot weather
9. Friends in TX
10.The sloth at the pet store
Here are the things you love pictures....
Capital of TX

Wildlife Rescue Center in Dallas

This Rescue Center was awesome these Wild cats where left to die and the founder of the Center found away to save them.

This was Harley

This Lion was just rescued but he has a hard time eating. They tryed to feed him a chicken leg that was the face he pulled

AVA Basketball Stadium in Dallas

The Mav's did not win but we had fun watching them play LA Lakers

We went to a few exotic pet stores this one had a pop belly pig as an exotic pet.
We visited with Amber a Friend of the Ridds... her boys were so cute
Blacks Restrunt getting our meat on or in our bellies.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baptized by Fire

Zach got baptized at the begin of this month... Then to celebrate we took the Ottely kids to Idaho and played on the snowmobiles for one last time. This was the 1st time AJ got a chance to play on them it was really fun. But with all Fun somethings have to come to a end. The big blue chair fell apart so to give the chair a final farewell. Steve gave this blue chair a fire salute good bye. It was funny Steve put fireworks in the fire so it had a 21 gun salute.

Favorite songs

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