Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Like new

As we have been moving and getting ready to move the last 2 months I thought that my wedding ring got lost, dropped into nowhere land or stolen. I have searched high and low near and fare, with a sad heart I decided that it was never to be found.
Yesterday night Andy came and picked me up from work and with a big grin on his face said I have something for you. Never did I ever think that it was my wedding ring... but that is not all the little stinker had went and gotten it professionally cleaned. My heart was just a thumping with joy, it was as though he propose to me again. I love you Andy you made my day/week.
Now all I have to do is find a necklace so I can wear it at work with out having to take it off and risk loosing it again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Holy Cow UR 28

Andy turned 28 last Saturday. We celebrated in Park City, boy it was a blast. Friday we enjoyed the condo, Saturday we went to a movie, out to eat at cafe' Rio, then we soaked in the jacuzzi. Sunday we woke up cleaned the condo and went on a 3.1 mile walk in park city. The best part was when Andy tried to blow out his b-day candles.

The first time he tried he totally missed the candles and got out of breath . I love this guy, he is so funny even when he isn't trying to be.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

25 pounds of Butter & Flour

You may be wondering why the title.... Well here it goes.
One of my clients found out that I had been doing weight watchers and flipped a lid when she found out how much Andy and I have lost on our new life change. She told me that I had to go to the store put 25 pounds of butter in my cart and stare at it. Then put the amount Andy has lost as well and try to lift the 54 pounds of butter and cart.
She got me thinking, how much does 25 pounds feel like? of course I had it on my body but seeing it, holding in my hands is a total different ballgame.
Later that night we were at the Ridd's and I told them about the butter story and then Jim disappeared. 5min later he had came back with a 25 pound bag of flour and handed it to me.... I held that thing for no more than 2 min. and could feel my arms start to burn... Crazy I had that on my body.... I can not believe it.
Again I started to think even more and came up with this.... When Andy and I get to our weight goal, I want to make vests that represent the weight we lost, ( so if I lost 100 pounds then the vest would weigh 100 pounds) Taking that X amount pound vest I want to do ether a 5k or a Relay Race or something to remind us of what we where and to show us what have accomplished.
Just for kicks and Giggles I found this picture of 25 pounds of butter on the web

Try it for yourself lift an amount you have lost and you'll be amazed how much you were caring.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


My family has been so encouraging with our new life style. My older sister Shauntell has given me some fun exercise sites, tips on cooking healthier, and setting a new tradition by going on a walk after we eat a family meal. Not only that she works so hard to make her meals healthy for our meal trades. Thank you for your support Shauntell you are a great example.

Then my younger sister Danielle always tries to make sure if we go out to eat the restaurant we go to is healthy not just fats, which help us a lot. She also is so positive and listens to Andy and I talk about points. The biggest thing is she tries out our healthy food, even if it looks questionable.

Hallie is even helping us out by showing how to do a karate kicks and how to dress for a workout. Thanks Chalmers for your support.

My mom is the most encouraging of all, with her sweet comments and uplifting ideas to even cooking low fat meals when we come up to visit.

We are blessed with the best support group ever thank you everyone.

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