Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We Care A Lot

My sister Shauntell and my niece AJ took this test on line to find out what Care Bear they would be if they were Care Bears. I promised them that I would take it too and this was my results.
I'm most likely to be Funshine Bear .
Funshine Bear is the Care Bear's class clown. This playful bear really knows how to be funny and to have fun. Funshine Bear works hard to make sure that people have a good time. Enjoy each day is Funshine's motto and it's shown on the bear's symbol a smiling sun.His Caring Mission helps people have fun. His smiling sun symbol reminds us to find the fun in each new day. His Personality is Fun and funny. His Character Quirk is that he can do perfect impressions and sound effects. His color is Yellow. His Best Friend is Grumpy Bear. His Relationship Challenge is with Share Bear, he teases her constantly but has a secret crush on her. Motto is The fun starts here.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red, White, & Ducks

Happy late 4th of July. This is what we did for the 4th of July.
We stopped by a park in between appointments to read our books. Well, this park had a ton of ducks and geese and turtles. We got attacked by the ducks.

Some of the baby ducks would nibble at our shoe laces.

Then we finished our last appointment at 7:00p.m. drove to the state capital.
Traffic was so bad that we got stuck on a bridge, and ended up watching the fireworks while sitting in our car. It was a blast.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Utah to Texas

We got a comment on our blog asking why we've come to the lone star state Texas. Well, it all started with Dwayne and Marie. Dwayne and Marie had a friends that were a married couple, Tyler and Adrienne. Tyler is a lead technician for Platinum Protection, a security system. He was asking Marie and Dwayne if they knew of anyone who would like to be a summer technician. Well, Dwayne mentioned Andy, then mention it to Andy and I at a Sunday family dinner. We thought about it and decided to try it out.

Andy was a technician for Apex two years a go. We contacted Tyler and got the job, and found out that the office was going to be in Austin TX. Andy packed up and left at the end of April, I stayed back to tie up a few ends. I traveled out with my mom at the beging of May. Then I got a job with Platinum Protection to help Andy out. Thats our story of us traveling from Utah to the Big T and we are sticking to it.

Tribute to Erick

This is our tribute to our good Peruvian friend. He was a technician that we adored. But he decided to return to Utah. We sure do miss him and the crazy things he did.
One of his favorite things he would do is climb trees. We would be getting to a install or getting ready to leave a install. Before you knew Erick had his tool belt off and was climbing up a tree.

Sometimes after a long day of installs, we would watch some movies. We got into some TV series like, "So I Survived a Japanese Game Show", and "Wipeout" they both are on ABC. Sense we didn't have TV we would watch them on the Internet at abc.com. If you have time to kill or you are having a bad day, we highly recommend these TV show, you''l laugh your heads off.

Well, one night Erick came over and we were watching "So I Survived a Japanese Game Show", He couldn't stay awake we kept teasing him and we tried to wake him up. Nothing worked on him he was out with in sec.

Another funny thing that happened, Erick helped us out with one our installs and he was tired again. Andy and I wanted him to get home safely so we told him that we would drive home with us and talk to him all the way. We ended up driving behind him and tyring to keep him up. We were about 40 min. to our Apartments and Erick got pulled over by cop. He was awake the rest of the night. Assassin's Creed was Andy's and Erick's favorite game to play out here. Some times Erick would try to climb walls and pretend fight like the main character.

Random 101

Here are some random pictures that we found or took.

I've become the pro at door sensors.
If you know anything about door
sensors you know that you have
to drill a hole in the door frame
and door. Then you hope that the holes
match up. Well, I kept getting sawdust
in my eyes so we found these styling
clear eye glasses.
I know you want them... but only mine
are custom make they cost 100$ each.
Just kidding....
only 4$ at our favorite store....

We where driving south on highway
35 and saw this random
truck with a chicken on top.

This was a nativity set (?I think?) that was
displayed with rocks.
Creative... but strange...
Hey at lest they believe year around.

The Light is On!

For two weeks we were in a area that was close by a Krispy Kreme Doughnut Store. This was our favorite place to hang out as we waited for installs cause it had AC, pugs for our computers, and FREE DOUGHNUTS when the light was on. Some of us techs had a joke in which if we went by that Krispy Kreme Shop and saw the Hot Light on we would text each other saying, "The Light is ON again The Light is ON." In which about 4 of us, all knew what that meant and we would show up at the Shop if we didn't have an install and hang out.

Josh is one of our buds he is a tech.
He would sleep sometimes at Krispy Kremes.
We call him Joshee Pooo

Me just waiting for a install at Kristy Kreme. That was a bad day cause we didn't get a install until 6pm.

Andy letting it all hang out in
Krispy KremeParking lot.

We were having with drawls from
Krispy Kreme for a week so Saturday
I tryed to make homemade doughnuts
they were alright but nothing
bets a HOT Krispy Kreme....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trouble with the Law

When you work with a security system you are bound to come in contact with the local law. Unfortunately Andy and I for a week we kept having more contact than we wanted.

It all started at the end of May It was the beginning of the week and this was one of my first installs I helped Andy with. We were installing for an older couple about the age of 70's they had lived in there house for years and in the last month they had two break ins. At the end of the install we showed them on demonstration on how to use the system, Andy called in and finalized the install. Meanwhile the couple had a few questions and I explained to them the best I could. But explaining wasn't enough they had to manually type in the codes. Finally they felt confident with how to run the system so we packed up and started on our way to the car.
As we got to the car I notice a police car slowly creeping up the road and stopping in front of the house we installed. I got into the car not thinking about it and turned on the car. Andy loaded our tools in the trunk. Then it happen in a whirl wind. The cop got out of the car, had her hand on her gun holster, another police car drove up facing the opposite direction. We were surrounded.... Andy being his jovial self started to walk to the police officers to explain.
The female cop didn't like this at all, she yelled at Andy, "Get back to your car." Andy dashed to the passenger side fumbled with the door. Then Female cop yelled again in a demanding way, "Put his hands on the car." With a load thud Andy flung himself onto the car. Meanwhile I tried rammed my car into park but only making it into neutral. I got nervous I trun the car off and through my hands up into the air. The female cop came to my window and asked for my ID and to turn off the car. I rolled down the window put the car in park and somewhat tossed my license to the cop. Another Cop showed up to the right and walked to the owners house by that time the owners were on the porch with a look of confusion. The older couple talked to the police officer and they figured out what happened. When the older couple were manually typing in codes they typed in the police burglar distress code, and we didn't cancel it with there master code. That's why the Police showed up. After a few minutes the cops let us go and so we went on our way. We drove off hoping not to get involved with the local police again.
But little did we know later that week we would run into our friendly neighborhood coppers.
This time Andy, I and another tech, named Johnathon, John for short, went to a gas station and were filling up the car. John and Andy were teasing me and I got a little snappy so with a hint of tenseness I told them to get out of the car and walk home. Mind you we were about 30 min away from our Apartments. Well, Andy joking with me went along with what I said got out of the car and started walking. I thought that he would turn around and come back to the car but he didn't. He was on the main road walking the with his phone held out trying to use his GPS. I flipped a U and rolled down the windows.
John and I were both yelling at him to get back into the car. Andy just kept walking... Then I Yelled, "There maybe cops in the area and they'll pull us over."
As I finished my sentience a Police car turned on his lights. Andy ran to the car slammed the door. The Police officer came to my window and asked what had happened. John opened his mouth and rambled the first thing that came to his mind, "Oh he dropped something out the car and was looking for it." I sat there stunned at what he said and Andy sat in his world of shocked. The Cop asked John some questions he wasn't the best person to ask cause he rambles off. The Cop tryed to ask Andy a question Andy just sat there looking at his feet.
The Cop turn to John and said, "does he speak?" referring to Andy.
John said,"Yeah, Andy Speak."
The Cop asked Andy if he was alright. Andy mumbled yeah... The cop continued to ask what Andy was doing. Andy said, "they told me to walk home."
I stepped in the conversation and said, " they were teasing me I joked back and told them to walk home and Andy took it to far."
With a half smile on his face the cop asked for my ID I got it out handed it to him. The cop then said as he walked back to his car, "I just have to check to make sure your not on Americans Most Wanted." I blurred out, "WHAT?" The Cop smiled and walked to his car. As he was doing a background check on my licence John and I start laughing our heads off, quoting the cop and what they may have thought what we were doing, like dealing drugs prostitution so forth. Andy stayed staring at the floor, quite. After it seemed like five minutes the Cop came back and said, "Hey, this area isn't the best area to be in be careful and don't goof off to much. Next time don't stop in the middle of the road." He gave my driver license back and we drove off slowly. Andy finally woke up from his trance and to John and my horror Andy told us that there was a 2nd Cop who was on the right side of the car hiding in my blind spot. That cop heard everything we said. As we drove home we laughed until it hurt and to this day we wont forget what happened to us.

10 Ways to to become a true Texan

As Andy and I have explored this beautiful state we've notice a few things you must have to be a true Texan.

#1 You have to have a 4 wheel drive truck with a huge bead.

#2 On your vehicles you must have a Long Horns magnets attached to the bumper.

#3 You have to have a meat smoker in your back yard.

#4 You must have a Texas flag and or a Longhorn flag in your yard.

#5 Somewhere you'll have a stash of cowboy or girl attire in your closet.

#6 You know where the local BBQ joint is in your neighborhood

#7 Your garage is no longer a car garage it becomes a storage unite or a local bar

#8 You have a 2ND fridge filled with your favorite beer or beverage

#9 In your music collection over 50% is country based

#10 Last but not least to show your true pride you'll decorate your car or house completely in Texas art.

Favorite songs

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