Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Amazing Race

This years Johnson's Reunion theme was The Amazing Race. My aunt Colleen and her family had so many fun activities planed. We Tie-Dyed shirt, made egg shell planters, carnival games & delicious food. Here are some pictures
We did tie-Dye Shirts that were so easy they were spray cans, no bucket full of dye and water. We just needed a tarp and shirt. It was the best tie-dye experience I have ever had.

These were random pictures before the auction or after.

Steve saw Sam Wrestling Joey, who is the best wrestler I have ever seen, and decided to give it a try. Steve was a wrestler in high school. Sam and Steve ducked it out. They both had great moves but Steve sadly lost.

So Shauntell, Andy & I were so proud of our packing job that we took a picture. But then we realized that we packed a little to well. Zack shoes got packed and I forgot to take Andy's phone out of the tent when I packed it. It took us 2 days before we got Andy's phone out of the tent.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Andy Pants Truns 27

Hole Cow Andy is 27 years old.... your getting old...MAN.
On Friday, May 15th we had a get together to celebrate Andy's day of gracing the earth with his awesomeness.
Andy and I are trying to eat a little healthier so I made German Chocolate cup cakes, to help us eat a smaller portion. I thought it would be funny to put 27 candles on a cup cake, it was about to start the whole cupcake on fire. Don't worry we had a pitcher felled with water just encase.
Just a little History with this gift. Andy and I went to see "Taken" at the theater the 1st thing he said when we came out of the theater was, "That would freakn' awesome on Blue-ray." Just my luck 2 days before his birthday it came out on Blue-ray.

I have been working a lot at work with the Mothers Day holiday and had no time to wrap or get much for Andy's b-day so on his day he went with his parents to lunch and I had a brake from work for just an hour. I rushed home and decorated the house and wrapped his b-day gift with brown paper and glue dots because I couldn't find tape. Anyway we invited Dani and Steve over for dinner and cupcakes. They came straight over from work and had no time to wrap there b-day gift for Andy too, so they took my brown paper, shoved their gift in the jumble mess of paper and reused it. The wrapping on both of our gifts were both how can i say it... ugly but hey we recycled right. Please don't judge us by our wrapping talent judged us by how we saved a tree.
This is really a candy bar... were Dani and Steve found it I'm not sure. Andy loved it to the last morsel of chocolate fleck.
So for his b-day he got a lot of Blue-ray DVDs, thing-a-ma-jig, Goonies DVD, Ice cream, Running shoes, Sandals & a ton of Birthday wishes.
.... Here is a shout out to all you who made his day... YOU ROCK!!

Classic Fun Center in Layton

My Boss is awesome, she has a party every 6 months or so. She had rented the Classic Fun Center in Layton & asked all of us to pitch in a dish. We had a all the tokens we wanted to use on the arcade games. it was like being in a candy store.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Malia's Blessing

The last week in April Milia was blessed.Grandma Julie Ridd asembled the cutest Blessing Dress.
We had wonderful meal, Andy & I made a whole tray of Sushi... It was a great day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monster Energy Super Cross

Dani and Steve got tickets to Monster Energy Super Cross. If you don't know what this is, like I didn't, it's a race with motor cycles and mounds of dirt. It was a blast just a long walk up the U's campus. My favorite part was the 1/2 time show where they had a bunch of guys in Sumo suites and they had to run/hop a distance to win a price. Ohhh yeah it was a blast to see the motor cycle crash into the sides too. Then between each race they would have big cats to move the dirt around. (not the animal cats but the big machines)

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