Monday, January 23, 2012


Life is as busy as a beehive. Andy has started his internship... Whahooo... I'm in school and loving it to a point. (love the learning! Hate the testing part.) That is sadly all that is going on.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spoon vs. Fork

I did an silly argumentative essay on spoon vs fork. My teacher loved it so much she read it to the whole class. Scary, right. I felt I need to share it with all of you because many of you did help me out with a survey. Thanks, by the way.

Spoon vs. Fork

All of us use utensils, 3-6 times a day. Each utensil has its specific purpose, and
proper function. Which one is the most universal? In a survey
preformed by myself, 19 out of 33 people, believed the spoon is more
versatile. Therefore, the spoon out shines the fork by usage,
entertainment, and creating sentimental memories.
The spoon is the shovel of inspiration; anything can be merely scooped into the
spoon and delivered to the mouth with ease. Food can be mashed, cut,
scooped, and stirred. Granted the fork can stab, cut, and shovel
food, but the forks prong like ends, leave gaps for soup, ice cream,
oatmeal, and other liquids, or soggy foods to slip through. Eating
cereal with a fork leaves many in despair, because the milk is left
behind in the bowl. The spoon on the other hand can be used for any
food types, meats, soups, ice cream, and the list goes on.

Spoons can entertain us. Believe it or not, many movies include the spoon.
One in particular is “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”. There is a
scene where the Sheriff of Nottingham threatens to torture Robin Hood
with the spoon when he says,“I will carve his heart out with a
spoon.” In addition, there are the classic movie scenes where
people are “spooning” each other; not “forking”. Spoons are
used in music as well. For example Bluegrass Percussionist slap the
domed ends together to create a clicking sound. Another form of
entertainment is a card game called “Spoons”. Where someone will
grab a spoon in the middle of the table if they find certain cards in
their hand. These examples all prove that the spoon is imprinted into
our culture.
From childhood to adulthood the spoon has created many memories. We all
have pictures of our first attempt as children eating food with the
spoon. Even in middle school, food fights wouldn't be complete
without the spoon. The spoons convex dome, holds the right amount of
food, and when pulled back just right, it catapults the ammo into the
air landing on the next victim. As adults some collect decorative
spoons to remind them of places they’ve been. Other people have
created memories by relaxing on a stormy nights with a warm bowl of
soup, and the spoon in hand.
In conclusion the spoon can virtually become anything and anyone could
use it with ease, no matter if they are young or elderly. Using a
little creativity, the spoon can become a shovel to dig a hole, or
become a cherished memory, or a part of a favorite movie, or a way to
savor food. In the end, if the fork is missed, the spoon can, always
be filed down to create short prongs, morphing itself into the spork.
This leaves the fork inferior, and the spoon becomes the universal
utensil of choice.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School... Back to School

Do you ever feel this way? "What have I gotten myself into?" " I hope I can withstand the pressure?" "Am I crazy?" "Help!?!"

This picture is a exact prediction of what I've gotten myself into. An idea, which has been string in my, wee little, brain. SCHOOL... COLLEGE! That is right everyone, if you haven't heard it from the horses mouth, you are hearing it now for the 1st time. I'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL TO BE A HIGH SCHOOL ART TEACHER...

Like Billy Madison said ,"Back to school, back to school. So that my dad don't think I'm a Fool." For me though, it would say, " my future kids don't think I'm a FOOL."

I started last week at DATC. Then at Weber, both Andy and I started Monday. I must say I'm liking the challenge of school. But my poor brain has be neglected for too long. To get it back in shape, has taken some major effort. You know what the smart people say, "If it doesn't hurt, you don't learn."

Already the transportation and parking at Weber has been a joke. Monday we drove up to the campus. We ended up driving around forever to find a parking spot in NO WHERE LAND. This adventure, caused us to be 10 min late for class. Therefore we made plans to ride the bus on Wednesday. Little did we know that this adventure would be the laughing stock of the week. Just image being on a bus, standing inch's away from the next person,(basically sardine's in a tiny can) barley any room to breath. While traveling for 50 Min's, (30 Min's longer than the schedule said) only to arrive at class 30 min late. Lesion learned leave 30-60 min earlier on the bus, to make it to school on time.

Here is Praying, my lovely idea becomes the best decision of my life. (beside getting married and going on a mission.) Hopefully I don't end up like the poor dog, in the picture above. Just waiting for the chair of stress to break. Crushing my little bones. Please, pray, or wish Andy and I luck, for yet, another fun chapter begins in our lives.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Burned Clean Off

Saturday night I stared to cook dinner. I thought to myself oh I need to tell Jim and Julie something. I ran up stairs to tell them then got talking. Next thing we all smelt burned toast. Jim asked Julie if she was cooking something she said No. He proceeded to ask me I said, No I'm not cooking anything. But I decided I better check. I ran down stairs while taking the last steps I was swamped by smoke. Sprinting to the oven I found this...
I had burnt our dinner, the pan and the spatula's handle was burned clean off. I ran the pan outside just in case it decided to com-bust into flames. I open every door, window, and turn on every fan. An hour later all that was left was a smoke smell and ruined pan. It was funny I must say.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

4 years ago

Four years ago we were on our Honeymoon... I can't believe it how in one blink of your eye, time can pass you by. The last 4 years have been moments of unforgettable memories.
We learned in our first year what it is like to be hours away from family. But it helped us build a friendship with each other I hope never to forget.
Our second year took us even farther away it took us States away from all that we knew. We became hard working co-workers. Then fell in deeper in love with each other and with Austin Texas. We return with very little in our pockets but with many experiences we treasure today. We learned to do without and bask in the simple pleasures we had.
Third year was one I will never forget. We had finally gotten on our feet and were pushing forward with hope in our goals for the future. Little did we know that this year was going to be our first climax in our little life story together. My sweet husband almost left this world but pushed through with the strength, I'm grateful for, I wasn't ready to let him go just yet.
This takes us to this year, Year Number Four, we lost much in weight, gained some back. Andy became a expert in school, he pushed himself forward harder than I have ever seen. We learned to be grateful for what we have. With the effects of Andy getting sick we moved in with his parents. We gained a knowledge of the importance of savings and how to make a budget. We've gone through heartaches with not being able to have children yet. Even with this we mange to lean on each other for peace and comfort.
What I've learned these last four years is that no matter what happens if you have faith in each other and in Heavenly Father all things can and will work out. I love you Andrew Todd Ridd and pray for many more beautiful years to come.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Emery Dwayne Gentry

My grandpa Emery Dwayne Gentry passed away this month. It was a sad but joyous at the same time. Grandpa was getting old and probably was missing his sweetheart Cleo Hall Gentry. Grandpa we will all miss you but we will never forget those Darn Pine nuts or Hell's Kitchen.

I held it all together hardly cried but when it came to seeing the 21 salute and taps... I was balling my eyes out. Then when each son and daughter kissed the flag I was so proud of my Grandfathers service for our Country.
I promise that I will always keep the fish trembling at the name of Dwayne and the pine nuts showering from the heaven all in memory of thee.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pool fun

We were able to have a little family bonding time after the funeral. I'm gratefully for my family and the opportunity be together. I felt the sweet blessings of my brother and sisters enjoy everyday, which is their little ones

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