Sunday, November 29, 2009

Andy on his way home

Andy getting ready to get his pick line taken out
In the car & on our way

Our friend the tank. we like him a lot.
I found these pictures of Andy coming home and leaving the hospital. I'm so blessed to have him home.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Andy holding the baby
Dad playing click click chink chink
Her eyes were wide open for a hour it seemed

Dani Halie & Steve came over to our house a couple weeks ago they brought Dad with them. To visit & let Andy see the baby for the 1st time. I made dinner for them & they made dessert. Andy & I rented a game New Super Mario Bros Wii, we have enjoyed it cause it is like the old school games. Well, we got everyone to play, yes everyone even Dad. It was fun to watch dad play, I've never seen him play anything like that before. Here are some pics from that night.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day 2009

Here is a little of our turkey day this year. My dad cooked the best turkey ever, he smokes it with hickory, man does it taste like heaven. Then my mom made the pies as always she does an amazing job. She also made homemade cranberry sauce this year. Shauntell baked some super awesome rolls. I made candy yams for the 1st time they were not that bad & I did the decorations. Dani & Steve made mashed potato's & they too were yummy. We had my Aunt Dayna & Uncle Scott's family over they brought Grandma Gentry's famous apple salad. We stuffed our self at 12 ish then went to a movie planet 51. After the movie came home and stuffed ourselves with pie.
Here are some pictures I sort of took random pictures most of the decor. Just because I forgot to take pictures the rest of the night. For the decor I made a two thankful trees, where we all had 3 leaves to write what we were thankful for & place them on the tree. Then my mom had a cute idea to use pictures for name tag placements instead of name tags. Then both mom & I bought flowers and didn't tell each other so we had a ton of flower arrangements. Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ridd Alert

So finally I've found some time to write on the blog. Life has been a mess lately but thank goodness things are calming down. Andy is back home from the hospital and I'm working again. Now if we could win a million dollars life would be grand.
I just wanted to thank all who has been there for us we couldn't have survive with out your prayers, and thoughts. We love you all.
Here is a picture of Andy in ICU... He would get so hot because of the Bi-pap, so we would get wash clothes and soak them in cold water and place them on his head, neck and legs it was a funny site to come into his room and see him setting there with all those wash cloths all over him. He reminded me of Grandpa Gentry with his towel over his head to cover his ears.
Silly Andy pantz.

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